Les Belles is revolutionizing the hosiery market by offering sustainable and stylish legwear options through a unique subscription model. In a market dominated by sportswear and ready-to-wear brands, as well as footwear companies, Les Belles stands out by catering to millennials who are seeking fashionable and eco-friendly hosiery.

Founder and CEO Cecile Antier, a French native living in the US, noticed the lack of affordable and high-quality hosiery options in America. Frustrated with either expensive premium brands or uncomfortable low-quality tights, Antier saw a gap in the market waiting to be filled. Drawing from her own experience and the shared frustration of friends, she launched Les Belles to provide trendy and accessible legwear for the millennial generation.

Antier’s upbringing in France, where affordable and high-quality tights were readily available, influenced her commitment to bridging the gap in the US market. Les Belles aims to offer fashionable and affordable tights for everyone, regardless of gender or style preferences. The company’s unisex fit has garnered praise from both men and women, with approximately half of their customers identifying as male.

In addition to their inclusive approach to fit, Les Belles offers a subscription service that allows customers to customize their monthly shipments. Subscribers can receive between 1 and 4 tights per month and can adjust their selections to match the changing seasons. The subscription service also introduces novelty designs regularly and offers a 20 percent discount, providing added value for customers.

With prices ranging from $20 to $24, Les Belles tights are made from 100 percent recycled yarns and manufactured in a zero-waste emissions-less factory in Italy. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their choice of materials and production processes. Reinforced yarn and anti-rip technology ensure the durability and longevity of their tights.

Since its launch two years ago, Les Belles has gained popularity among stylists and celebrities. Actresses Anya Taylor Joy and Haley Bennett, along with influencer Leandra Cohen, have been spotted wearing Les Belles tights. The brand is now exploring collaborations with designers for fashion shows, signaling the next stage of growth for the company.

In summary, Les Belles is transforming the hosiery market by offering sustainable, inclusive, and innovative legwear options. With their focus on sustainability, comfort, and style, Les Belles is well-positioned to capture a significant share of the consumer base that seeks fashionable and eco-friendly hosiery.

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