Liberty London, the renowned UK department store, is taking an innovative leap into the beauty subscription market with its upcoming offering called “The Beauty Drop.” This new service is set to be the first of its kind, providing customers with complimentary beauty Discovery boxes worth over £300 every quarter, for a monthly fee of just £20. What makes this offer truly unique is that the entire service cost is fully redeemable. This means that customers can use the £20 as credit towards any purchase, whether in-store or online.

In addition to receiving these free beauty boxes, customers who sign up for The Beauty Drop will also be eligible for free delivery on all their online purchases throughout the year. This combination of benefits is sure to catch the attention of beauty enthusiasts, making it a powerful tool for fostering customer loyalty.

The introduction of The Beauty Drop is a clear indication of the growing importance of the beauty category, especially in light of the ongoing pandemic. Sarah Coonan, Liberty’s Buying Director, emphasizes the industry’s continuous innovation and its crucial role in our collective self-care routine. As Liberty London recognizes the love for curated beauty products among its customers, it aims to make shopping with the department store even more rewarding for its loyal community.

The Beauty Drop will be available to customers starting in December, following its initial launch. Existing members of Liberty Collective will be granted exclusive access to the service on Thursday, while other customers can express their interest for the December sign-up window. With its promise of high-value products and redeemable credit, The Beauty Drop is expected to become a highly sought-after beauty subscription.

This move into the beauty subscription market represents a new chapter for Liberty London. The department store is renowned for its impeccable curation and exclusive collaborations, and it plans to leverage these strengths to create an exceptional beauty subscription service. From the highly anticipated annual Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar to the popular Beauty Kits featuring industry experts, The Beauty Drop represents the natural progression of Liberty’s beauty offerings.

By venturing into the beauty subscription market, Liberty London aims to reinforce its relationship with its beauty community while providing unmatched value. The combination of carefully curated beauty products, redeemable credit, and free delivery makes The Beauty Drop an enticing proposition for beauty enthusiasts. As the launch date nears, significant interest is expected to be generated, solidifying Liberty London’s position as a premier destination for luxury beauty experiences.

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