London luxury department store, Liberty, is shifting its focus to its own-label beauty products in order to drive growth and potentially expand its business by opening standalone stores. The CEO of Liberty’s beauty brand, LBTY, Adil Mehboob-Khan, expresses his optimism that the popularity of their beauty products can fuel the overall expansion of the business. Last year, Liberty introduced the LBTY beauty brand, which offers five luxurious fragrances inspired by their iconic prints. The success of these fragrances has prompted the company to plan an expansion of its beauty range, in addition to its existing lines of accessories, clothing, jewelry, and homewares.

Mehboob-Khan emphasizes that Liberty’s own products have been among their best-performing items, with the new fragrances experiencing such high demand that they are struggling to keep up with it. This strong demand has led to calls for Liberty to expand beyond e-commerce and potentially open new stores, even internationally. Mehboob-Khan states that the focus this year will be on pushing beauty, as they anticipate strong performance in this category along with accessories.

The Liberty group encompasses its retail business, which includes its flagship store in London, its fabrics arm, and the Liberty Brand. The Liberty Brand is dedicated to developing a luxury goods brand that spans multiple categories and can be distributed globally. Mehboob-Khan believes that if the current success continues, there will be a demand and justification for Liberty to have its own standalone stores under the Liberty Brand.

In terms of financial performance, the Liberty group saw a notable 23% increase in revenues to £185 million in the year ending January 28, 2023. They also achieved a positive pre-tax profit of £712,000, compared to a loss of £7.1 million the previous year, indicating a recovery from the impact of the pandemic.

Overall, Liberty is placing a strong emphasis on its own-label beauty products as a driver of sales and growth. The success of these products has resulted in a high demand that may lead to the opening of standalone stores in the future. This focus on beauty aligns with Liberty’s goal to further develop its luxury goods brand and expand globally.

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