The L’Occitane group has seen a significant surge in sales during the fiscal year 2021-2022, with a remarkable growth rate of over 15%. This impressive achievement can be attributed to the global normalization of the Covid-19 situation, which has positively impacted consumer behavior and spending habits. The group’s total sales reached a substantial €1.78 billion, indicating a significant increase in comparison to the previous year. Additionally, their operating income skyrocketed by an impressive 43.3% to reach €310.7 million. Furthermore, the net income exhibited a remarkable rise of 51.3% to reach an impressive €295.8 million.

L’Occitane en Provence, the flagship brand of the group, played a pivotal role in driving their overall success. With impressive sales worth €1.38 billion, the brand showcased notable growth compared to the previous year’s figure of €1.20 billion. This exceptional performance can be attributed to several factors, including the lifting of Covid-related restrictions in Europe and the Americas, which contributed to increased consumer spending. Furthermore, the brand’s sales in the travel retail sector, particularly in Asia, played a significant role in driving its growth. Currently, L’Occitane en Provence accounts for a remarkable 76.4% of the group’s total sales, showcasing its importance within the overall portfolio.

Acquired by L’Occitane in 2019, Elemis, a premium skincare brand, also witnessed a remarkable increase in revenue. With a notable €226 million generated, it showcased remarkable growth in comparison to the previous year’s figure of €158 million. This exceptional performance can be attributed to the renewed demand from spas, where Elemis enjoys a strong presence.

However, one of L’Occitane’s beauty brands, Limelife, which is based in the US, experienced a decline in sales. It generated €70.7 million, which showcased a decrease from the previous year’s figure of €102.15 million. The main cause for this decline can be attributed to the difficulties faced in recruiting door-to-door salespeople in the US, which impacted the brand’s performance adversely.

The group’s ‘other brands’ category, which encompasses Melvita and Erborian, exhibited impressive revenue generation, reaching a remarkable €97.2 million, indicating a growth rate of nearly 18%. Additionally, the acquisition of a majority stake in the brand Sol de Janeiro in November 2021 contributed a remarkable €26 million to the group’s overall revenue.

In terms of geographical markets, China emerged as the primary market for the L’Occitane group, with sales worth €327.9 million, indicating an impressive growth rate of 24%. Following closely, the US secured the position of the second-largest market, generating a remarkable €251.7 million in revenue. Japan secured the third position with revenue of €206 million, although it experienced a slight downturn of 4.2%. France accounted for 5.4% of the group’s sales and ranked as the sixth-largest market, with sales totaling €96 million.

Currently, the L’Occitane group boasts an impressive global presence with 3,068 stores in operation worldwide. Out of this vast network, 1,490 stores are directly managed by the group, showcasing their strong control and management over their retail operations. The remarkable sales performance of the group during the past fiscal year is a testament to their resilience and ability to adapt to changing market conditions, highlighting their strong position within the industry.

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