London-based fashion supplier Jel Direct has recently secured a substantial funding package from HSBC UK to fuel its plans for expansion. The funding will provide Jel Direct with the resources necessary to acquire new commercial premises, which will serve as their first warehouse and also include a showroom for their new womenswear brand, Double Second, along with additional office space.

As a specialized provider of cutting-edge outerwear at competitive prices, Jel Direct primarily caters to high street retailers in the UK and Europe. Since entering the UK market with its own brand, the company has experienced remarkable growth in its operations. Moreover, their online womenswear store has achieved tremendous success following its launch.

Founder of Jel Direct, Emily Cheung, expressed her enthusiasm in expanding the business with the introduction of their UK-based clothing brand. She also extended her gratitude to HSBC UK, particularly their Relationship Manager, Abdul Rehman, for their unwavering support in facilitating Jel Direct’s future growth plans and for opening doors to international markets.

Chris Chambers, the Area Director for Business Banking at HSBC UK, commented on the support they are providing to Jel Direct and their excitement about the launch of the Double Second clothing brand. Chambers affirmed that HSBC UK is eagerly anticipating the continuation of their partnership with Jel Direct and their commitment to supporting their future growth strategy.

This funding from HSBC UK marks a significant milestone for Jel Direct, as it grants them the means to expand their operations, establish a physical presence for their new womenswear brand, and solidify their position within the fashion industry. With the backing of HSBC UK, Jel Direct is now well-positioned to achieve their growth objectives and successfully break into international markets.

For more information about Jel Direct and their expansion plans, please visit their official website [link here]. To learn more about HSBC UK and the support they offer to businesses, you can visit their website [link here].

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