London-based start-up Myth.AI, which offers an artificial intelligence-driven pattern design tool, has secured €1.2 million in funding. The company, originally founded in Turkey, recently relocated to London and launched its AI solution earlier this year. The funding will be utilized to expand operations within the UK and also target new markets in Asia and the US.

Myth.AI’s generative AI solution aims to streamline the design process by using visual or text prompts to create new and unique patterns for brands across Europe. This innovative technology is projected to significantly reduce the time required to create bespoke designs. Additionally, the company’s tool contributes to a more sustainable design and production process by reducing the need for swatch samples, which often end up in landfill.

Özgecan Üstgül, the founder and CEO of Myth.AI, expressed enthusiasm about the recent investment round and highlighted how this innovation will benefit new markets. The company’s pattern design tool is already being utilized by prominent brands in the textile design industry across Europe, including Ratti, Telater, Sun Textile, Elyaf Textile, Gama Textile, Zorlu Textile, and Halmer Fabric. It is worth noting that the founders of Turkish textiles firm, Faik Ulutas, are among the fresh backers of Myth.AI.

Overall, the funding secured by Myth.AI will empower the start-up to expand its operations and explore new markets, enabling it to revolutionize the design process for brands globally. Their AI-driven solution not only saves time and resources but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to pattern design. With its expansion plans, Myth.AI aims to continue revolutionizing the textile design industry while meeting the increasing demand for efficient and creative pattern design solutions.

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