London Designer Outlet, located in Wembley Park, had a remarkable Boxing Day sales period that contributed to a total of £99 million in sales for 2023. The outlet reported an impressive £866,000 in sales on Boxing Day alone, while sales throughout the entire month of December amounted to £11.2 million. In addition, footfall on December 26th increased by 11% compared to the previous year, indicating a preference among consumers to shop in person rather than online.

This success is part of a larger trend in the retail industry, with premium and high-end off-price destinations outperforming other retail locations. This trend can be observed not only in urban centers but also in out-of-town sites and even rural areas like Bicester Village. Consumers have consistently shown a willingness to pay for quality goods but at discounted prices. The individual brands at London Designer Outlet also experienced positive results, with 14 brands achieving record-breaking sales on Boxing Day, including popular names like Calvin Klein, Moss, and Levi’s. The North Face saw a notable 34% increase in year-on-year sales following store upsizes and upgrades, while Tommy Hilfiger achieved a commendable 30% rise.

Matt Slade, Retail Director at Quintain, the owner of London Designer Outlet, expressed his excitement for the mall’s performance in 2023. He emphasized the appeal of premium brands at affordable prices, which aligns perfectly with shifting consumer priorities towards premium shopping experiences at discounted price points.

The success of London Designer Outlet on Boxing Day and its strong sales performance throughout the year serve as a testament to the enduring attraction of physical retail and the appeal of premium brands offering discounted prices. This highlights the fact that consumers still value the experience of shopping in person and are willing to invest in quality items without overspending.

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