L’Oréal, the renowned global beauty conglomerate, is making a major move in the skincare industry with its acquisition of Skinbetter Science, a highly respected U.S.-based brand known for its physician-recommended skincare products. Established in 2016 by experts from the pharmaceutical industry, Skinbetter Science has achieved remarkable success as one of the fastest-growing medical-dispensed skincare brands in the United States.

Headquartered in Arizona, Skinbetter Science has garnered impressive sales of nearly $95 million in the last 12 months ending on August 31, 2022. This exceptional growth has captured the attention of L’Oréal, who views the brand as an ideal addition to its active cosmetics division.

Christina Fair, the president of the active cosmetics division at L’Oréal USA, will lead the integration of Skinbetter Science into the L’Oréal family. The existing management team of Skinbetter Science will remain intact, ensuring a seamless transition and consistent experience for the brand’s dedicated customers.

Although the financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed, the deal is expected to be finalized in early Q4 2022. This strategic move by L’Oréal aligns with the company’s mission to pioneer health and beauty through advanced science-based skincare innovations. Myriam Cohen-Welgryn, the worldwide president of L’Oréal’s active cosmetics division, is confident in the international potential of Skinbetter Science and believes it will further enrich L’Oréal’s brand portfolio.

This acquisition is part of a broader trend for L’Oréal, as the company has recently made strategic acquisitions in the skincare market, particularly in the science- and dermatology-driven sectors. Notable additions to the L’Oréal family include brands like CeraVe and Skinceuticals, solidifying the company’s position as a leader in the growing skincare industry.

David Greenberg, CEO of L’Oréal USA and president of the North America Zone, anticipates that the addition of Skinbetter Science will strengthen the company’s dermatological beauty business in North America. By leveraging the expertise of the Skinbetter Science team and their strong relationships with healthcare professionals, L’Oréal aims to elevate this segment of its business to new heights.

With the acquisition of Skinbetter Science, L’Oréal continues to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to innovation and growth in the skincare industry. By combining the best of scientific advancements and beauty expertise, L’Oréal is well-positioned to offer consumers even more advanced and effective skincare solutions.

For more information about Skinbetter Science, visit their official website: https://skinbetter.com/.

To learn more about L’Oréal’s skincare brands and innovations, visit their website: https://www.loreal.com/en.