L’Oréal, the renowned French cosmetics giant, has entered the Japanese market with its first venture capital operation by acquiring a minority stake in the Japanese start-up Sparty. This investment was made through L’Oréal’s Bold investment fund, which specifically focuses on acquiring stakes in innovative start-ups within the beauty sector. Sparty, a Tokyo-based company, specializes in personalized beauty products and direct-to-consumer sales.

The decision to enter the Japanese market comes as L’Oréal recognizes the sophistication and pioneering nature of the beauty market in the country. Japan is known for its appreciation of tailor-made experiences and has witnessed the emergence of new trends and innovations in the field of bespoke services and products, particularly in the beauty sector. By collaborating with Sparty, a pioneer in personalized beauty, L’Oréal aims to tap into the booming Japanese market for direct consumer relations under the guidance of Jean-Pierre Charriton, the managing director of L’Oréal Japan.

Sparty has developed popular brands like Medulla, which focuses on hair care, and skincare specialist Hotaru. L’Oréal’s acquisition of a stake in Sparty highlights its commitment to investing in innovative start-ups and expanding its presence in the personalized beauty market.

The Bold investment fund, established in 2018, has a clear objective of acquiring minority stakes in innovative beauty start-ups. Alongside Sparty, Bold has also invested in other companies such as Sillages Paris, a French start-up that offers an online service for personalized perfumes using artificial intelligence, Carbios, a company devoted to developing solutions for managing end-of-life plastics, and Gjosa, a Swiss company researching new ways to economize on water.

L’Oréal’s venture into venture capital operations demonstrates the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation in the beauty industry. With a revenue of €32.28 billion in 2021, the L’Oréal group further solidifies its position as a global leader in cosmetics and beauty. With the acquisition of a stake in Sparty and the growing demand for personalized beauty products in the Japanese market, L’Oréal is poised to continue its trajectory of success.

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