L’Oréal-owned skincare brand, Clarisonic, has recently confirmed that it will be shutting down its operations. This decision was made by L’Oréal in order to prioritize its other core business offerings. As a renowned brand known for its facial cleansing brushes, Clarisonic will be holding a “last chance sale” where customers can purchase its products at a 50% discount. This includes their devices, brush heads, and attachments, which will be available both on their website and through authorized retailers.

Consumers will have the opportunity to purchase Clarisonic products until supplies last, with major retailers like Amazon, QVC, Sephora, and Ulta carrying the brand’s products. However, once the products are sold out, they will no longer be restocked or available for purchase from any manufacturer or retailer. Clarisonic took to Instagram to express their gratitude to their loyal customers, dermatologists, and retail partners for their unwavering support in making the brand successful over the years.

Founded in 2001, Clarisonic was acquired by L’Oréal in 2011 after operating under Pacific Bioscience Laboratories. During its peak, the brand reportedly generated $100 million in annual sales in 2010. Unfortunately, after the ownership change, Clarisonic faced numerous challenges including declining popularity, market saturation, and reliance on a single star product, their cleansing brushes. These brushes required customers to make a one-time purchase followed by regular replacement brush purchases, which may have contributed to the decline in sales.

In 2016, Clarisonic announced layoffs of 120 employees as a result of outsourcing their production. Despite the closure, the brand has assured customers that select product warranties will still be honored until October 31, 2022. However, starting from October 1, 2020, all Clarisonic Rewards loyalty accounts will become inactive.

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