L’Oréal Paris, the renowned beauty brand that holds the top spot globally, recently hosted its annual fashion show beneath the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. This highly anticipated event not only demonstrated the brand’s commitment to women empowerment, diversity, and innovation, but also highlighted the culmination of extensive preparation and collaboration with major fashion houses.

In an exclusive interview with FashionNetwork.com, Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, the international managing director of L’Oréal Paris, expressed the significance of the fashion show and shed light on the brand’s vision for establishing a global beauty empire.

Viguier-Hovasse emphasized that contrary to being just a glamorous event, the L’Oréal Paris fashion show is symbolic of the brand’s core values. L’Oréal Paris is dedicated to empowering women of all backgrounds, origins, and ages. By offering accessible luxury products ranging from 4 to 40 euros, the brand aims to dismantle societal barriers and give women the power they deserve.

This year’s fashion show stood out even more as it took place right beneath the Eiffel Tower, an emblematic representation of L’Oréal Paris’ rich history and its Parisian roots. The runway showcased around twenty L’Oréal Paris ambassadors, including notable figures like Olympic ski champion Marie Bochet, singer Camila Cabello, actress Viola Davis, and supermodel Kendall Jenner. This diverse lineup of muses not only underscored the brand’s commitment to inclusivity but also represented women from all walks of life.

In terms of reach, the L’Oréal Paris fashion show was broadcasted live on the brand’s websites, Instagram, and various TV partners, including W9 in France. Moreover, for the first time, the event was also streamed on Roblox, a globally renowned gaming platform with a staggering audience of 200 million unique visitors per month. Last year, the show garnered a reach of 8 billion potential contacts and was viewed by approximately 2 billion people, solidifying its position as one of the most significant events in the beauty industry.

When asked about the brand’s objective with such a grand event, Viguier-Hovasse stressed the importance of forging a deep connection with the audience. L’Oréal Paris aims to be recognized not just by its name, but also by its commitment to producing exquisite, high-quality products endorsed by demanding actresses. Additionally, Viguier-Hovasse wants people to perceive L’Oréal Paris as a brand that is both enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

L’Oréal Paris, present in 150 countries worldwide, has experienced substantial growth in emerging markets such as Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, India, the Gulf States, and South Africa. The brand’s expansion in these regions has paved the way for women’s empowerment and provided them with opportunities in the professional world. Viguier-Hovasse expressed pride in L’Oréal Paris’ geographical balance and its ability to cater to a diverse global audience.

Regarding the brand’s appeal to younger consumers, Viguier-Hovasse highlighted the significance of delivering superior quality products. While digital platforms play a crucial role in reaching out to the youth, L’Oréal Paris remains focused on maintaining exceptional product standards at an affordable price range. The brand allocates approximately 3% of its sales to research and development, ensuring its formulas stand unrivaled in the industry. Furthermore, L’Oréal Paris adapts to the changing needs of younger consumers by featuring younger models, as exemplified by their collaboration with Kendall Jenner.

L’Oréal Paris has excelled across various beauty segments, particularly in hair care and products, which form the foundation of its expertise. The brand’s Hyaluron Plump range, renowned for its innovative use of hyaluronic acid, has achieved international acclaim. Additionally, L’Oréal Paris leads in skincare, leveraging the expertise of its Pharmaceutical Division in burn and acne repair. In recent years, the brand has also made significant strides in the makeup category by introducing innovative products and expanding its offerings.

With a dedicated team of approximately 180 employees focusing on product development and advertising, L’Oréal Paris benefits from the support of a robust global ecosystem. The brand collaborates with over 5,000 researchers and research teams to ensure the highest quality products. This collaborative effort allows L’Oréal Paris to maintain its position at the forefront of scientific innovation in the beauty industry.

As L’Oréal Paris continues to flourish as a global beauty brand, it remains unwavering in its mission to empower women, promote diversity, and deliver exceptional products. The annual fashion show serves as a powerful platform to showcase the brand’s values and connect with a worldwide audience. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and inclusivity, L’Oréal Paris is poised to retain its position as the world’s leading beauty brand.