L’Oréal USA has recently entered into its first-ever collaboration with Snap Inc., the owner of Snapchat, to introduce beauty branded lenses on the Snap Camera desktop platform. This groundbreaking partnership signifies the first time a major beauty company has joined forces with Snap Inc. The collaboration will introduce eight customized augmented reality lenses that will be prominently featured on the Snap Camera for a week, enabling users to try out different beauty looks from L’Oréal’s well-known brands, including Garnier, Lancôme, L’Oréal Paris, and Maybelline. These lenses will be accessible on various video platforms such as Twitch, Google Hangouts, and Skype, through a dedicated beauty section on the opening page.

Gretchen Saegh-Fleming, the CMO of L’Oréal USA, expressed her excitement about this partnership, stating that Snap’s technology offers new avenues for self-expression, which aligns perfectly with L’Oréal’s belief that self-expression is the foundation of beauty. She emphasized that this collaboration will provide consumers with a unique and captivating way to engage with L’Oréal’s products and brands while having video conversations at home. This collaboration is especially timely as the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increased popularity of video apps and virtual chat platforms. In fact, Snap Inc. has reported an exponential rise in daily downloads of Snap Camera, exceeding their usual numbers by more than 30 times.

Carolina Arguelles, the Head of Global AR Product Marketing at Snap Inc., also highlighted the power of augmented reality in this partnership. She explained that through this collaboration, users can not only have fun with beauty lenses but also discover new L’Oréal products and enjoy the benefits of consumer utility while staying at home.

This partnership between L’Oréal and Snap is just one example of the digital transformations taking place within the fashion and beauty industries as consumer behavior adapts to a more indoor lifestyle. Companies are becoming increasingly innovative to cater to the evolving needs of consumers. For instance, L’Oréal has adjusted its content on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, showcasing makeup looks suitable for video chats as well as skincare routines for frequently washed hands. Other industry players, such as Carine Roitfeld, are making preparations to stream virtual fashion shows on YouTube, while brands like Gémo and Sandy Liang are utilizing the popular Nintendo game Animal Crossing to connect with global users and share their designs.

This strategic partnership between L’Oréal and Snap exemplifies their dedication to providing innovative and engaging experiences for consumers, even during challenging times. By embracing digital platforms and augmented reality, both companies are effectively meeting the evolving needs and preferences of consumers within the beauty industry.

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