Lorenzo Boglione, the VP of sales and board member of BasicNet Group, is at the forefront of the revival of Sebago, the renowned footwear brand. Known for their ability to breathe new life into old-fashioned brands, the Boglione family acquired Sebago from Wolverine in 2017. Since then, the brand has experienced tremendous growth both financially and in terms of its product offerings. Boglione, a devoted Sebago customer himself, recognized the potential in the brand’s iconic products and rich history.

Sebago, famous for its moccasins and docksides, perfectly complements BasicNet Group’s portfolio of sport, lifestyle, and preppy brands. Boglione believes that Sebago’s enduring appeal lies in its timeless nature and the fact that millions of individuals wear moccasins on a daily basis. Over the past three years, the brand’s annual sales have more than doubled, showcasing its incredible progress. Sebago is also expanding into the realm of apparel and accessories and strategically opening mono-brand stores in key locations.

When discussing the success of Italian companies in managing foreign brands, Boglione attributes it to the patience and sensibility exhibited by Italian business owners. He acknowledges that the American market is challenging due to financial pressures and the demand for quick results. Conversely, European businesses have the luxury to grow at a slower and steadier pace, alleviating the pressure for immediate success. Additionally, Italian taste and lifestyle play a significant role in the triumph of foreign brands managed by Italian companies.

The BasicNet Group, founded by Marco Boglione, commenced its journey with the acquisition of Robe di Kappa in the mid-70s and 80s. Since then, they have expanded their portfolio to include renowned brands such as Superga, K-Way, and Formula Sport. The group’s strategy revolves around crafting iconic products that resonate with the current market while preserving the essence and heritage of the brand.

In the case of K-Way, Boglione recognized the opportunity to make a splash on the fashion scene by participating in fashion weeks. This served as a valuable marketing platform to showcase their designs to industry professionals and generate interest. The BasicNet Group firmly believes in the talent of their design team and endeavors to bring their best products to the forefront once a year through unconventional shows that create a buzz around the brand.

Briko, another brand within the BasicNet Group, specializes in cycling and skiing equipment, including helmets and goggles. Boglione personally utilizes and appreciates the brand’s products, recognizing their immense potential in the niche market.

In conclusion, Lorenzo Boglione and the BasicNet Group have successfully resurrected Sebago and other brands by deploying a strategic approach, meticulously preserving brand values, and focusing on creating iconic products. With their deep understanding of the market and Italian sensibility, they continue to thrive in the fashion industry.

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