Loretta Caponi, the esteemed Florence-based brand known for its meticulously handcrafted sleepwear and linens, is making a strategic move into the American market. Now under the leadership of Loretta Caponi’s daughter Lucia and grandson Guido, the brand is launching a collection in collaboration with Nordstrom and is planning to open a shop-in-shop at the iconic British department store Harrod’s.

The upcoming collection, set to debut later this month at Nordstrom, will feature nine pieces that encompass sleepwear, daywear, and bridal options. Loretta Caponi draws inspiration from its vast embroidery design archives, skillfully reimagining classic stitching techniques to create a truly artisanal collection. Rickie de Sole, fashion director at Nordstrom, discovered the brand and has been keeping a close eye on it for several seasons.

The partnership with Nordstrom has generated excitement, with de Sole expressing, “We are absolutely thrilled to have Loretta Caponi launching at Nordstrom just in time for the summer season. This luxurious label from Florence introduces an air of romance that enhances any summer wardrobe with its exquisite, handcrafted embroidery and lightweight noble textiles. Our customers are in for a treat with this exceptional collection.”

In addition to the collaboration with Nordstrom, Loretta Caponi is also working on a shop-in-shop concept with Harrod’s, set to open in June. This partnership will primarily focus on home and bed linens, showcasing the brand’s commitment to expanding its presence in the market.

Guido Caponi, the COO of Loretta Caponi, has ambitious plans for the brand. He explains, “When I joined the company in 2015 after my grandmother’s passing, I had two main goals in mind. First, I wanted to establish a shop-in-shop at Harrod’s, which is now becoming a reality. This partnership will emphasize our expertise in home and bed linens. Secondly, I envision a standalone store in New York, but for now, we are focusing on wholesale. Americans truly appreciate European craftsmanship and are fascinated by its rich history and heritage, something that is not as readily available here.”

Under Guido Caponi’s leadership, production at Loretta Caponi has significantly increased. The brand now produces between 5,000 to 6,000 pieces per collection, a substantial growth from the previous output of around 300 pieces. Currently, Loretta Caponi sells its products privately through its Florence atelier and retail space, as well as supplying wholesale clients. The brand has nearly 70 accounts globally, with 20 of them located in the United States.

Preserving the art of handmade craftsmanship is a top priority for Loretta Caponi. Guido Caponi emphasizes the importance of early introduction and training to promote and sustain these artisan crafts. He states, “Preserving traditional craftsmanship is a challenging endeavor that requires continuous effort. Each year, we ensure that at least one young person is trained in the intricate art of embroidery, contributing to the preservation of this timeless craft.”

With its rich heritage and unwavering dedication to artisanal craftsmanship, Loretta Caponi is poised to captivate the American market as it expands its presence through Nordstrom and Harrod’s. The brand’s exquisite, handcrafted sleepwear and linens offer a touch of tradition and elegance in today’s fast-paced, digital world.

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