Loro Piana, the luxury clothing brand, has revealed an elegant collection of outfits for Team Europe at the upcoming Ryder Cup in Rome. As the official supplier for the European team, Loro Piana will dress the players and their entourages for all official events on and off the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club.

Symbolizing Excellence for Team Europe

Loro Piana’s outfits have become synonymous with Team Europe, continuing their partnership for the fourth consecutive Ryder Cup. Ryder Cup director Guy Kinnings expresses delight at Loro Piana’s exceptional products and their long-standing association with Team Europe.


Innovative Design with Golf Performance in Mind

Loro Piana’s collection for Team Europe at the Ryder Cup showcases their unwavering commitment to combining style with functionality, with a specific focus on enhancing golf performance. The brand has incorporated cutting-edge 3-D technology for the first time, allowing them to simulate the clothing’s reactions during a golfer’s swing. By utilizing this advanced technology, Loro Piana ensures that the outfits offer optimal comfort, flexibility, and freedom of movement, enabling the players to perform at their best on the golf course.


The six course-ready looks crafted by Loro Piana are carefully designed to meet the specific requirements of golfers. Among the key pieces are the short-sleeved polos featuring a shirt-style collar, providing a classic yet modern aesthetic. The high-neck shirts, equipped with zippers, are made from Comfort Light technical material, ensuring breathability and ease of movement. Additionally, the waterproof vests offer protection from the elements without compromising style. The four-pocket trousers, constructed from Rain System-treated stretch wool, offer both functionality and durability. Each garment has been meticulously crafted to strike the perfect balance between performance, comfort, and style, enabling the European team to excel on the golf course while looking impeccable.

Supporting the First-Ever Ryder Cup in Italy

Loro Piana’s collaboration with Team Europe takes on added significance as it aligns with the first-ever Ryder Cup to be held in Italy. The prestigious tournament, steeped in tradition and history, will bring together top golfers from Europe and the United States for a thrilling competition on Italian soil. As the official supplier of Team Europe, Loro Piana’s involvement in this landmark event amplifies the brand’s connection to the world of golf and showcases their commitment to supporting exceptional sporting moments.


The choice of Italy as the host country for the Ryder Cup adds an element of excitement and novelty to the event. Renowned for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and passion for sports, Italy sets the stage for an unforgettable tournament. Loro Piana’s partnership with Team Europe at this historic Ryder Cup further solidifies the brand’s ties to Italy and reinforces its association with Italian excellence.

Exclusive Availability and Continued Partnership

A selection of Team Europe uniforms will be exclusively available at the Loro Piana boutique in Rome during the competition days, adding to the exclusivity and prestige of the collection. Loro Piana extends its support to the European Team in the 2023 Junior Ryder Cup, further solidifying their partnership and commitment.

Loro Piana’s latest collection for Team Europe at the Ryder Cup showcases their dedication to exquisite design and performance. The brand’s iconic outfits have become a symbol of excellence, with their fabrics and expertise making them the ideal clothing partner for the European team. As the first Ryder Cup in Italy approaches, Loro Piana’s collaboration marks a significant milestone in the world of golf.