Lush, the beloved bath and bodycare retailer, experienced its most successful Christmas season to date, surpassing expectations and achieving impressive sales figures. In the UK and Ireland alone, the company generated £40.5 million in revenue last month, marking an 11% increase compared to 2019, pre-pandemic levels. The growth was primarily driven by a notable 18% surge in physical store sales, as customers flocked back to brick-and-mortar locations. Lush attributes this success to a £7.4 million investment in expanding its store presence across the UK and Europe, as well as strategic collaborations with other brands in the lead-up to Christmas.

Among their standout products, Lush sold a staggering 148,000 Snow Fairy gift sets during the festive season, along with thousands of other items from their Christmas range. Kat Hannible, the retail director for Lush UK and Ireland, expressed confidence in a return to a more traditional Christmas trading pattern. To ensure an exceptional customer experience, the company significantly increased its stock levels and conducted seasonal recruitment. Hannible commended the dedication and hard work of Lush’s shop and digital fulfillment staff in overcoming the challenges of the past year and delivering an exceptional Christmas season.

Lush’s exceptional Christmas sales demonstrate the enduring allure of beauty products during the holiday season. The company’s strategic investments and collaborations have paid off, exceeding expectations and setting new sales records. The increase in physical retail sales highlights the importance of a comprehensive, omnichannel approach for retailers in today’s market. As Lush continues to innovate and expand, it remains well-positioned for continued success in the competitive bath and bodycare industry.

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