The Covid-19 pandemic has presented major obstacles for luxury brand Marc Jacobs, which is owned by the prestigious company LVMH. Marc Jacobs has been grappling with business revival since 2017, but the current crisis has only worsened the situation. Recent reports suggest that in response to the challenges brought on by the pandemic, the company has been forced to lay off 60 employees.

One department that has been particularly impacted by the cuts is the design department. Notable personnel, such as French designer Olympia Le-Tan, who had relocated to New York to lead the accessible line called The Marc Jacobs, have been let go. However, Marc Jacobs has denied these claims and asserted that all departments are still operational and carrying out their projects. According to a spokesperson from the brand, the layoffs constitute only 10% of the global workforce and mainly affect retail staff.

In light of the pandemic’s effects on the retail industry, Marc Jacobs International has taken strategic measures to adapt to the changing landscape and refocus its business. This includes making difficult decisions to eliminate certain positions and reduce responsibilities for some employees. The brand aims to emphasize its creative innovation, a key aspect of the Marc Jacobs brand’s identity.

Unfortunately,’s attempts to obtain a response from the company regarding the situation were unsuccessful.

The brand has also suffered a significant loss with the departure of Olivia Fournier, the head of marketing and communication for the EMEA region, who was based in Marc Jacobs’ Paris office. Despite the challenges faced in recent years, including the discontinuation of the youth line Marc by Marc Jacobs and the menswear line, the brand had recently relaunched a men’s collection. This collection showcased a cool and laid-back style, similar to that of the new The Marc Jacobs line. The brand had high hopes that this line would contribute significantly to its sales and even opened a dedicated store in Paris’ Le Marais neighborhood last fall.

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