Luxury department store Harrods is facing significant challenges as it plans to cut up to 700 jobs, which would account for approximately 14% of its workforce. The retail sector continues to struggle in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, and Harrods is not exempt from its effects. Managing Director Michael Ward has recently addressed the company’s 4,800 staff, sharing the difficult decision and emphasizing that it will take time and a substantial improvement in external conditions for the business to recover and return to its previous growth trajectory.

Harrods has been hit hard by the need for social distancing measures and the decline in international travel. The store heavily relies on international tourists, particularly from China and the Middle East, who contribute a significant portion of its revenue. With restrictions on travel and social distancing requirements still in place, Harrods has experienced a sharp decline in its customer base. Although there have been some positive signs of recovery since the store’s reopening, it is evident that more actions need to be taken to ensure the business can thrive in the long run.

As with other major retailers, the areas most affected by the crisis, such as the food and beverage division, are likely to bear the brunt of the job losses. Ward expressed his sadness and regret at the necessity to part ways with valued colleagues, acknowledging that this is by far the biggest challenge that Harrods has ever faced. The company is navigating uncharted waters, and with uncertainties still lingering, tough decisions have to be made to secure the store’s future.

In light of the situation, it becomes imperative for Harrods to explore alternative strategies and find new avenues for growth. Adapting to the changing consumer landscape and focusing on domestic customers may be one approach to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. Building a stronger online presence and actively marketing to local customers could help offset the decline in international business.

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