Luxury footwear brand Philippe Model is setting its sights on a growth rate of at least 20% in 2022 as it ventures into the world of apparel. Established by Philippe Model himself in 1981, the brand has gained renown for its high-quality footwear, which has been embraced by top fashion designers. However, with the recent introduction of a genderless apparel collection, the brand aims to diversify its product offering and expand its reach.

The newly launched apparel collection from Philippe Model showcases sporty mono-color looks that are designed in Italy and manufactured in Portugal and Romania. The brand’s “See Now Buy Now” collection presents customers with high-quality fabrics and plays with volumes, offering a unique and stylish fashion experience. The collection includes items such as T-shirts priced at €80 to €120, sweaters ranging from €170 to €220, trousers priced at €240, and jackets that can reach up to €350. Presently, the collection is available through select boutiques and around 40 other stores. However, the brand has ambitious plans to double its distribution, increasing it to approximately 100 accounts by the summer of 2023.

Philippe Model is primarily controlled by 21 Invest, a fund founded by Alessandro Benetton, with two minority investors also involved. Although Philippe Model himself is not actively engaged in the brand’s operations, he remains connected to the company as a friend. The brand’s annual sales in 2021 reached approximately €35 million, and it aims to achieve double-digit growth in the future. During the pandemic, Philippe Model adopted a strategy of maintaining competitive pricing and offering better margins to retailers, which was well-received by customers. Currently, the brand boasts nearly 800 sales points globally, with its major markets being Italy, France, and Germany. Moreover, Philippe Model has experienced significant growth in the United States and has established flagship stores in Paris and Milan.

The essence of Philippe Model lies in its fusion of Parisian style and Italian craftsmanship. The brand offers premium contemporary designer products that exude sophistication and cater to various occasions. Most of the brand’s products are manufactured in Veneto, a renowned shoemaking region in Italy. Philippe Model’s sneakers are priced between €250 and €350, with some iconic fashion-forward pieces reaching up to €400. The brand’s footwear maintains a touch of humor and showcases a vintage appeal, featuring aged treatments and unique color variations.

In response to concerns about sustainability, Philippe Model has embraced eco-friendly practices. The brand has invested in lighter yet durable soles as well as technical materials like water-resistant nylon. Additionally, Philippe Model has collaborated with ACBC, a B-Corp specialist, to create a sustainable shoe called Lyon, made from materials sourced from corn, apples, and recycled plastic bottles. The brand is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through local production in Veneto and plans to support reforestation initiatives to offset any remaining emissions.

With its headquarters situated in Milan, Philippe Model currently employs around 60 individuals worldwide. The brand’s expansion into the apparel market presents a significant growth opportunity, particularly considering that 80% of its distribution is through apparel stores. The brand is focused on positioning its fashion business for success and aims for fashion to contribute 10% of its overall turnover in the long run. With ambitious plans for substantial growth, Philippe Model is eager to realize its aspirations in the years to come.

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