Luxury group Aeffe has experienced a 9% decrease in sales for the entirety of 2023, amounting to €319 million. Europe and America were the main contributors to this decline, while Asia partially offset the losses. Aeffe owns renowned brands such as Alberta Ferretti, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Moschino, and Pollini. The prêt-à-porter division saw sales fall by 7.6% to €212.4 million, while the footwear and leather goods division experienced a 13.1% drop to €142.1 million.

In terms of regional performance, Italy saw a decrease of 7.3% in sales, totaling €134 million. Sales in Europe declined by 16.3% to €98.6 million. Aeffe attributes this decline to specific countries and markets at both the wholesale and retail levels. However, sales in America suffered the greatest decline, down 20%, and the company is uncertain about replicating the peak sales achieved in the region during 2023.

On a positive note, revenues from Asia and the rest of the world reached €66.8 million, representing a 4.9% increase. The retail channel also displayed growth, experiencing a 9% increase throughout the year. Aeffe credits the distribution reorganization in China, where direct control of Moschino stores was assumed in 2022, as a contributing factor to this success.

Massimo Ferretti, the executive chairman of Aeffe Spa, expressed his thoughts on the company’s performance, stating, “As expected, we are closing 2023 with a slight decrease in our turnover mainly due to a slowdown in the European and American markets. However, we are satisfied with the performance of the retail channel, linked to the distribution reorganization in China, where during 2022 we took direct control of the Moschino stores.” Ferretti remains optimistic about growth opportunities in the retail sector and the potential restart of the wholesale channel in Europe and the United States. He emphasized the importance of creativity, quality, and service in navigating the challenges posed by the current geopolitical climate.

Despite the decline in sales, Aeffe remains committed to its core values and looks to the future with a focus on strengthening relationships with its commercial partners and finding a new creative director for the Moschino brand. The company believes that its dedication to creativity, quality, and service will enable it to tackle the instabilities of international markets and overcome the complexities of the current geopolitical situation.

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