Luxury handbag resale site Saclàb has successfully raised €1.6 million in its first funding round. Founded in 2018 by siblings Alexandra Stück and Jan-Oliver, Saclàb specializes in selling pre-owned luxury handbags and operates in 20 countries. The company recently gained attention in Germany after selling a Hermès Birkin bag for a staggering €265,000. The funding was led by private equity firms TrindVC from Estonia and G-Fund from Germany. The capital raised will be used to improve Saclàb’s marketing efforts, expand their team, and strengthen their technology infrastructure. Additionally, the company is making preparations for its launch into the US market.

What sets Saclàb apart from its competitors, such as Collector Square and Monogram Paris, is its focus on four luxury brands: Hermès, Dior, Chanel, and Bottega Veneta. To ensure the authenticity of the handbags it sells, Saclàb directly handles them through its offices. The second-hand fashion and accessories market is projected to grow by 127% by 2026, as stated by a study conducted by ThredUp, a prominent player in the industry.

Jan-Oliver Stück, co-founder of Saclàb, explained the company’s growth strategy, stating, “When we established the company, it was crucial for us to adopt a business model that allowed us to progress gradually. Our initial focus was on achieving organic growth in various areas, rather than heavily investing in PR and marketing. This strategy has led to healthy growth for us.” With the infusion of new funding and their expansion plans, Saclàb aims to solidify its position in the luxury handbag resale market and cater to the increasing demand for second-hand luxury fashion.

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