In an effort to bolster its expertise in the luxury fashion sector, LVMH’s Métiers d’Art division has recently acquired Grupo Verdeveleno, a well-known Spanish tannery known for its expertise in working with exotic animal skins. Through this acquisition, Verdeveleno will have access to the resources and support provided by Métiers d’Art, allowing them to invest in improving product quality, supply chain efficiency, traceability, and sustainability. This strategic partnership not only represents a commercial expansion for both entities but also highlights their shared values and vision to revolutionize the industry.

According to José Danvila, CEO of Grupo Verdeveleno, this collaboration signifies more than just an acquisition. It symbolizes the merging of values and visions that will shape the industry moving forward. Verdeveleno has gained recognition for its innovative artisanal techniques that have been passed down through generations, as well as its unwavering commitment to traceability and sustainability. By joining forces with Métiers d’Art, the tannery aims to share its expertise and contribute to responsible and sustainable manufacturing practices across all brands under the LVMH umbrella.

Grupo Verdeveleno has adapted the tradition of craftsmanship found in the ceramics industry in Spanish regions such as Valencia, Castellón, and Alicante and successfully applied it to leather treatment. Through collaborations with local artisans, the tannery has preserved centuries-old traditions and emerged as a symbol of excellence in the industry. This unique approach has earned them a respected reputation.

Matteo De Rosa, CEO of LVMH Métiers d’Art, believes that sustainability should be approached comprehensively, encompassing economic, social, and environmental dimensions. He emphasizes the significance of preserving local culture and supporting communities to achieve sustainable excellence. De Rosa states that under their management, Métiers d’Art allows company founders to continue leading their businesses while benefiting from expertise in operations, marketing, human resources, research and development, and corporate development management. Through this approach, they strive to create a global community where excellence and responsibility go hand in hand.

LVMH’s Métiers d’Art division currently includes 17 companies specializing in leather and metal hardware production, generating an impressive total revenue of €700 million. With the addition of Grupo Verdeveleno, the division now boasts five producers from Italy, two from France, one from Spain, and one from Portugal. The most recent addition to the division is a Japanese company that specializes in naturally indigo-dyed denim fabric. Additionally, the division runs breeding farms in Australia, Zimbabwe, Louisiana, and France, ensuring a secure and sustainable source of materials.

This acquisition by LVMH’s Métiers d’Art division showcases the company’s dedication to upholding excellence and fostering innovation in the luxury fashion industry. By collaborating with esteemed artisans and tanneries like Grupo Verdeveleno, the division continues to strengthen its position as a leader in the market. With a focus on sustainability, traceability, and responsible manufacturing, Métiers d’Art sets an example for the industry as a whole, demonstrating that luxury can coexist with ethical practices.

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