Lyle & Scott, the prestigious British fashion and lifestyle brand, has recently introduced its state-of-the-art facility known as The Hive, located in the Scottish borders. This momentous establishment signifies a substantial investment in Scotland, reflecting the brand’s significant expansion in London and Europe throughout the past decade. By opening The Hive, Lyle & Scott demonstrates its unwavering commitment to building upon its Scottish roots and preserving its British heritage.

The primary objective of The Hive is to optimize various internal processes within Lyle & Scott while concurrently improving international business efficiencies. Since its inception, this facility has already witnessed remarkable improvements. Divided into three smaller divisions, also known as ‘hives,’ The Hive offers a comprehensive range of services including sales and logistical administration, sales processing, data capture, and stockist support. Moreover, plans for further expansions are already in motion, revealing Lyle & Scott’s ambition for continuous growth and progress.

Beyond its operational advantages, The Hive has also made a significant contribution to the local economy by generating 20 new job opportunities in the Selkirk area. It is anticipated that more employment opportunities will arise in the coming months and throughout 2024. Philip Oldham, the CEO of Lyle & Scott, expressed his excitement for this venture and emphasized that the brand’s history traces back to its establishment in Hawick 149 years ago. While Lyle & Scott has achieved global recognition, its profound connection to the Scottish borders remains a source of pride. As the anniversary year approaches, Oldham believes that further investment in Scotland serves not only as a strategic move that will drive Lyle & Scott’s international growth but also as a means to discover the next generation of talent in the Borders.

The creation of The Hive exemplifies Lyle & Scott’s dedication to innovation, efficiency, and fostering local talent. It serves as a symbol of the brand’s unwavering commitment to fulfilling their ambitious growth strategies while honoring their Scottish heritage. As Lyle & Scott continues its journey as a global fashion leader, The Hive will undeniably play a pivotal role in consolidating their operations and propelling their success to new heights.

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