Maison Bäumer, the renowned jeweler, is making exciting moves in the industry by opening its first international store in Doha, Qatar. The store will be located within the prestigious Printemps, one of the most esteemed shopping destinations in the city. Additionally, Maison Bäumer will also have a corner in Printemps Paris, further expanding its presence. As part of its expansion, the brand has also launched a new collection of affordable jewelry, aiming to introduce a younger clientele to luxury jewelry.

One of the highlights of Maison Bäumer’s latest offerings is the limited-edition Abeille Noir, or Black Bee, flacon made of Baccarat glass to hold a Guerlain scent. This unique design, created by Lorenz Bäumer himself, comes in different versions, including one with golden wings and another with silver wings. The inspiration behind this piece was to create a perfume flacon shaped like a diamond, a true testament to Maison Bäumer’s commitment to artistic excellence and creativity.

The new Maison Bäumer store in Doha will occupy a space of 200m2 within the Oasis complex, a high-end shopping destination known for its luxury offerings. The store’s interior design, created by Hubert Le Gall and Hervé Van Der Straeten, will reflect the same aesthetic as the flagship boutique on Place Vendôme, ensuring a consistent brand experience for customers. The store will also feature two small salons where videos of Lorenz Bäumer discussing his collaborations with Parian artisans will be showcased. This way, customers will have the opportunity to learn more about the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and its commitment to creating unique and personalized pieces of jewelry.

Maison Bäumer’s decision to open a store in Qatar was driven by the significant support and encouragement from the Qatari royal family. The brand already has a sizable Qatari clientele, and this support comes as a result of their admiration for a creative jeweler who specializes in unique and personalized orders.

Apart from the store in Doha, Maison Bäumer can also be found in other prestigious locations. The brand has a vitrine in the Ritz, a symbol of luxury and elegance, and will soon open another one in the renowned Le Bristol hotel in Paris. Furthermore, Maison Bäumer will launch a partnership line in Eden Rock in St Barths in December, further expanding its international presence. Recently, Lorenz Bäumer traveled to New York to present a new jewel called La Vie en Rose, which was worn by Princess Charlene of Monaco at the Princess Grace Awards. The brand is also showcasing a red Argyle diamond in a pop-up store on 65th Street in New York.

Lorenz Bäumer, the founder of Maison Bäumer, prides himself on being one of the few remaining independent jewelers on Place Vendôme. With a strong background in engineering, Bäumer started his career as the designer for Chanel’s high-end jewelry collection before spending eight years with Louis Vuitton. His experience working with luxury brands led him to establish his own boutique almost a decade ago. Adding a personal touch, Bäumer’s boutique includes a cabin adorned with his own ceramic plates and a wooden sign that reads “Gone Surfing.” Being an avid surfer himself, Bäumer draws inspiration from his travels, particularly his love for Sumba, an island known for its excellent surf spots. Bäumer also showcases his creativity in designing watches, where he incorporates unique materials such as lightweight titanium and meteorite.

What sets Maison Bäumer apart is its commitment to beauty, quality, and authenticity. Half of the brand’s creations are custom-made, allowing clients to have a truly personalized piece of jewelry. In its latest collection, Maison Bäumer offers bracelets and rings inspired by significant moments in life, such as the heartbeat of a newborn child, creating sentimental and meaningful pieces. With the introduction of more accessible and affordable options like stylish cord bracelets, Maison Bäumer hopes to make luxury jewelry more inclusive, especially in a place like Place Vendôme, which has traditionally been seen as an elite destination.

With its expansion into Doha and the launch of its new collection, Maison Bäumer continues to establish itself as a leading jeweler in the industry. The brand’s dedication to artistic excellence, craftsmanship, and personalized creations is what attracts customers and makes it stand out. Whether it’s the innovative flacon designs or the meaningful pieces inspired by life’s special moments, Maison Bäumer exemplifies the essence of luxury jewelry.

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