Mango, similar to many other fashion companies, has successfully adapted to the “new normal” brought about by the pandemic by adjusting its business model and expanding its product offerings. In response to lockdowns, restrictions, curfews, and the increasing number of people working and exercising from home, Mango has introduced a new activewear capsule collection called “Active.”

The “Active” collection is specifically designed for activities such as yoga, dancing, pilates, and meditation, catering to the growing demand for comfortable and practical clothing suitable for at-home workouts. This collection seamlessly integrates with Mango’s existing womenswear line and can be conveniently purchased online. The pieces in the collection feature a variety of neutral tones, including white, black, as well as shades of powder and pastel blue.

Mango aims to provide competitive pricing similar to fast fashion brands like Oysho, with leggings and t-shirts priced around 30 euros. The collection also includes an array of other activewear items, such as shorts, sports bras, overalls, sweatshirts, and a range of accessories that complement the active lifestyle, such as fanny packs, socks, shoes, bags, and a yoga mat cover.

Moreover, Mango is placing significant emphasis on engaging with its community. The brand has always fostered a strong sense of community and connection, often using hashtags like #MangoGirls and collaborating with its followers. To further enhance this relationship with its fans, Mango has initiated “The Wellbeing Community” campaign. This campaign includes a series of live classes and talks centered around wellbeing, which will be hosted through Mango’s Instagram profile. The sessions will be led by professionals in their respective fields, including founders of yoga studios and meditation experts. Additionally, brand ambassador Yasmin Sewell will moderate live talks focusing on topics related to meditation and relaxation methods.

With a history dating back to 1984, Mango has established a strong presence in 110 countries, particularly within Europe. In 2019, the company achieved record revenues totaling 2.37 billion euros, with e-commerce accounting for 24% of its total revenue. In light of this success, Mango intends to continue prioritizing e-commerce as a major driver for future growth.

By diversifying its product offerings and actively engaging with its community, Mango has adeptly tackled the challenges posed by the pandemic. The brand’s introduction of the “Active” capsule collection, combined with its commitment to promoting wellbeing, reflects Mango’s responsiveness to consumers’ desires for comfort, practicality, and a sense of connection within their clothing choices.

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