Spanish fashion brand Mango has announced the launch of its new sustainable label, Alter Made. The label aims to provide customers with timeless, sustainable, and high-quality fashion for those who prioritize responsible consumption. Unlike Mango’s main line, Alter Made will be positioned in a higher price segment and will focus on wardrobe staples.

Alter Made will be exclusively available online through its own e-shop, starting from November. Initially, the label will be sold in select markets, including Spain, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Mango has placed importance on proximity production, with garments manufactured in Europe and Turkey by suppliers chosen for their expertise in various fabrics.

One of Alter Made’s key objectives is to ensure the traceability of its raw materials, achieved through the use of sustainability and quality certifications. The label plans to adopt a short-run production strategy to minimize excess stock, with its initial drop consisting of 120 units. The Alter Made team comprises 12 professionals with international profiles, led by head Beatriz Mur.

Mango views Alter Made as a sustainability laboratory, where they can test new methods that can later be applied to their main line. The aim is to incorporate sustainable practices and gain insights from Alter Made’s success to progress their overall sustainability strategy. Mango has set a revenue target of €25 million for Alter Made in the next three years.

In addition to Alter Made, Mango has taken other strategic steps to enhance its brand image. They have expanded their product range to include fragrances and home decoration items. They have also integrated their plus-size line, Violeta, into Mango’s main women’s collection. By February 2022, Mango will only sell their Mango Woman, Man, and Kids lines, as well as the Teen range through temporary stores, while Alter Made will be exclusively online.

The launch of Alter Made puts Mango in line with other apparel groups that have established high-end sustainable labels. These include H&M’s COS and Arket, as well as Tendam Group’s Slow Love, Hoss Intropia, and High Spirits. Mango has actively emphasized its commitment to sustainability through initiatives such as the Fashion Pact, the ‘Second Chances’ clothes recycling project, and the introduction of the Mango Committed labeling system.

Mango Committed currently covers 79% of the group’s product range and is expected to reach 100% coverage by next year. The introduction of Alter Made further demonstrates Mango’s dedication to providing sustainable fashion options to its customers.

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