Fashion retailer Mango has partnered with various international fashion figures to create capsule collections, blending the brand’s Mediterranean essence with the personal style of its influential collaborators. The latest collaboration is with Californian brand Simon Miller, aiming to bolster Mango’s presence in the United States. Justicia Ruano, Mango’s product director, believes that working with an American designer will help the brand solidify its position in the US market and increase brand awareness among American consumers. As part of its expansion strategy, Mango plans to open more than thirty new stores in the US over the next three years, with a particular focus on the southern and western regions of the country.

The key focus for Mango is to position itself as a premium brand in terms of product quality. The Simon Miller collaboration was conceived at Mango’s Hangar Design Center in Barcelona, emphasizing proximity sourcing and manufacturing. Ruano emphasized that Mango’s superior quality positioning compared to its competitors is its standout attribute. The summer capsule collection comprises a variety of clothing items and accessories, priced between 23 to 240 euros. Selected markets, including Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, the United States, and the United Kingdom, will have access to this collection.

Chelsea Hansford, the artistic director of Simon Miller, expressed her enthusiasm for collaborating with Mango and highlighted the shared language between the two brands in their commitment to accessible fashion with a touch of luxury. She sees this collaboration as an opportunity to showcase their unique style on a larger scale and was particularly excited about the collection’s accessibility, allowing individuals to acquire the complete look.

Founded in Barcelona in 1984, Mango has a global presence in 115 countries. In 2022, the company achieved its highest turnover in history, with sales growing by 20.3% to 2.688 billion euros. The online channel contributed 36% to this figure.

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