Mango, the fashion giant known for its forward-thinking approach, remains dedicated to investing in emerging companies as part of its commitment to technology and sustainability. This time, Mango is extending its support to Ziknes through its Mango StartUp Studio. Established in 2022, the startup studio serves as a platform for Mango to support and nurture emerging firms in various sectors. Mango has already invested in five startups, including Recovo and Union Avatars.

Ziknes, founded in 2021, specializes in software development and robot-assisted 3D printing using sustainable materials. The company aims to revolutionize architecture and design by harnessing the power of 3D printing and robotics, enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability in manufacturing processes.

Mango’s investment in Ziknes takes the form of a convertible participating loan, providing the startup with crucial financial support. Furthermore, Ziknes will have the opportunity to participate in an acceleration program, gaining valuable insights into Mango’s operations and scaling their own business model. The Ziknes team will also benefit from guidance and mentorship sessions from professionals within Mango, particularly in the fields of product and furniture design.

Founded in Barcelona in 1984, Mango has grown to become a prominent player in the textile sector. With more than 2,500 locations in over 115 markets, Mango enjoys a strong global presence. In the last fiscal year, the company experienced a significant 20.3% increase in sales, with total revenue reaching €2.688 billion. Notably, 36% of the company’s business volume was generated through online channels.

Mango’s investment in Ziknes exemplifies its unwavering dedication to promoting innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry. By investing in promising startups like Ziknes, Mango not only contributes to the growth of these companies but also positions itself at the forefront of technological advancements in fashion and design. As the world embraces new technologies, Mango’s partnership with Ziknes holds the potential to revolutionize the approach to architecture and design, paving the way for a more efficient, flexible, and sustainable manufacturing industry.

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