Eyewear producer Marchon has recently announced an exciting new partnership with Zeiss, a renowned technology company specializing in the optics and optronics sectors. This collaboration grants Marchon a long-term global license to produce sunglasses and eyeglasses under the Zeiss Vision Care brand. Consumers can expect to see the first collection from this collaboration available worldwide in the Spring/Summer 2022 season.

To kick off their partnership, Marchon and Zeiss will launch a special capsule collection of men’s eyeglasses in the autumn of 2021. These eyeglasses will be crafted from high-tech materials such as titanium, ensuring both durability and style. Initially, the capsule collection will be exclusively available in the USA through Marchon’s retail distribution network, Altair. However, the full line of eyewear, including men’s models, will be released worldwide in 2022, expanding beyond the USA through Marchon’s global retail partners.

Zeiss, a true industry leader, operates in diverse sectors, with optics and optronics being among their key areas of expertise. In its last fiscal year, ending in September 2020, Zeiss achieved a remarkable revenue of €6.3 billion. This impressive figure was generated through their four business segments, which include semiconductor production technology, product quality and industrial research, medical technology, and consumer goods.

As a global leader in their industry, Zeiss boasts 32,000 employees and a presence in approximately 50 countries. They operate through 30 production sites, 60 sales and support hubs, and 27 research and development laboratories. Founded in Germany in 1846, Zeiss remains headquartered in Oberkochen and has a long history of innovation and excellence.

The Carl Zeiss Foundation, one of Germany’s largest foundations, actively promotes science and education. As the sole owner of the Carl Zeiss AG holding company, the foundation supports research and development initiatives that drive technological advancements in various fields.

The partnership between Marchon and Zeiss brings together two industry leaders to create top-quality eyewear. With Zeiss’s unparalleled expertise in optics and Marchon’s extensive experience in eyewear production, consumers can anticipate innovative and stylish products. The upcoming capsule collection and the full line of sunglasses and eyeglasses are highly anticipated, promising the perfect fusion of technology, design, and functionality.

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