Italian eyewear company Marcolin has announced impressive sales and profit growth for the year 2022. Net sales climbed by 20.1% to €547.4 million, reflecting a 13.2% increase when adjusted for exchange rate fluctuations. Adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) also experienced significant growth, rising by 21.7% to €61 million. These positive results were attributed to increased revenue and strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing profit margins.

Despite the challenges posed by global geopolitical factors and instability, Marcolin’s global strategy exhibited resilience, resulting in improved performance across all geographic regions. Notably, Asia emerged as a pivotal market with promising growth potential, witnessing a 47% increase in revenue at current exchange rates and 33% increase at constant exchange rates. Similarly, revenue in the EMEA region grew by 47% and 33% respectively, while the Americas experienced increases of 17% and 4%. Collectively, these three regions accounted for approximately 90% of Marcolin’s overall revenue.

Furthermore, Marcolin achieved a significant surge in adjusted EBITDA, surpassing 20%, while also observing a positive trend in the adjusted EBITDA margin, reaching 11.1% of net sales. The company attributes its success to the consolidation of its diverse brand portfolio and the implementation of a digital transformation process. These endeavors not only stimulated growth but also contributed to bolstering production and procurement efficiency.

The eyewear industry is fiercely competitive, with numerous players vying for market share. Marcolin’s impressive performance in 2022 showcases its ability to navigate this landscape and capitalize on growth opportunities. By prioritizing its global strategy and continually enhancing operational efficiency, the company remains well-positioned for future success. Given projections of further expansion in the eyewear market in the forthcoming years, Marcolin’s robust sales and profit growth provide a solid foundation for sustained development and industry leadership.

Marcolin Press Release
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