Marquee Brands has made a significant investment in the luxury maternity brand Hatch, leading to the creation of Hatch Collective. This collaboration has resulted in the establishment of one of the largest unified maternity-wear retailers in the industry. As part of the partnership, Hatch’s founder and CEO Ariane Goldman will take on the role of leading Hatch Collective. This retail platform will be responsible for the operations of Motherhood Maternity, A Pea in the Pod, and Destination Maternity in North America.

The goal of Hatch Collective is to cater to the diverse needs of every mother, offering a wide range of products across different channels, categories, and price points. The platform aims to provide support and options throughout every stage of pregnancy and beyond. Ariane Goldman expressed her gratitude for Marquee Brands’ confidence in the brand’s ability to unite these maternity brands under a single vision. She believes that this partnership will bring numerous advantages, such as improved operational collaboration, better financial relationships, and valuable customer insights. These benefits will allow Hatch Collective to enhance its product strategy and better serve women.

Marquee Brands, a global brand owner and marketer, is owned by Neuberger Berman-managed investor funds. The company has an impressive portfolio of brands, including Martha Stewart, The BCBG Group, Ben Sherman, Dakine, Sur La Table, Body Glove, Emeril Lagasse, Motherhood Maternity, A Pea in a Pod, Destination Maternity, and Bruno Magli. With the launch of Hatch Collective, Marquee Brands expects to see tripled revenue this year and profitable growth across various distribution channels, such as e-commerce, retail, and wholesale.

Lindsay Bressler, the COO of Hatch Collective, emphasized the potential for synergy among the brands involved in this collaboration. The partnership aims to improve distribution and logistics, costing, and access to valuable customer data. Despite the uncertain macroeconomic environment, the focus remains on achieving thoughtful and profitable growth.

In conclusion, the partnership between Marquee Brands and Hatch has given rise to Hatch Collective, a leading maternity-wear retailer. The collaboration aims to provide comprehensive support to mothers at all stages of motherhood and offers a diverse range of products across different channels. With the support of Marquee Brands, Hatch Collective is set to experience significant growth and success in the industry.

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