Mary Katrantzou, the Greek-born fashion designer renowned for her inventive use of prints, has been in lockdown for the past eight weeks, demonstrating her foresight. Even before the UK government issued orders for lockdown, she had already sent her staff home. Being inspired by the success of her previous runway show, which took place in the Temple of Poseidon in Greece, Katrantzou made the decision to skip the February London catwalk season. Instead, she is now strategizing a novel approach for her fashion brand’s next move.

In the immediate future, Katrantzou will be launching Mary Mare, a holiday capsule collection, on May 4th. This collection was sold to buyers at last year’s Paris market and presents an opportunity for Katrantzou to expand her size range. She plans to extend it up to a UK size 24 and a US size 20. While preparing to launch Mary Mare, she mentioned that she also intends to skip the next season in London in September and is considering taking her brand to foreign markets in the near future.

During a recent interview, Katrantzou discussed her experience of lockdown and living in isolation. She and her fiancé recently moved to a new home in London, which has made the confinement more bearable. To stay connected and work remotely with her team, she mentioned utilizing technology. In fact, they have been collaborating on a project for 2021 that does not require fitting and will be released next year.

Katrantzou also delved into the details of the new collection, Mary Mare, which will be launched online. The collection features recognizable prints from previous collections and aims to provide an effortless silhouette suitable for year-round wear. The size range has been expanded to cater to a wider array of customers. Since they were unable to conduct a photoshoot for the collection, they decided to illustrate it with stamps to bring joy to people’s faces.

Contemplating the current pandemic, Katrantzou shared her thoughts on the future of fashion. She believes there will be a transition towards designing seasonless clothing and a reevaluation of the fashion calendar. She expressed her admiration for Azzedine Alaïa, who presented his shows whenever he wanted, making buyers and editors come to Paris for his small, out-of-season presentations. Katrantzou believes that this model, combined with an emphasis on creating superior quality designs, could point toward the way forward. Additionally, she mentioned the necessity of sustainability in fashion and the need to consider whether extensive travel for production is truly essential.

Regarding the industry’s response to the crisis, Katrantzou conveyed her appreciation for influencers and the escape they provide. She believes that staying connected and finding alternative ways to engage with people is crucial during this time. She also discussed the importance of a collective effort and a fresh perspective within the industry, highlighting the significance of abandoning superficial values and embracing positive change.

All in all, Mary Katrantzou’s response to the current situation showcases her adaptability and ability to think outside the box. Through her upcoming collection and future plans, she continues to push boundaries and redefine the fashion industry.

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