Matchesfashion, the luxury retailer known for its omnichannel approach, has announced significant changes to its leadership team. The company has appointed a new chief operating officer (COO) and finance chief in a move to enhance its online operations.

Jason Weston, who boasts an impressive 15-year tenure at Amazon, has been appointed as the new COO. Weston’s previous roles at Amazon included director of special projects for Europe and involvement in the successful loyalty and fast delivery service, Prime Now. This appointment comes as Amazon announces a collaboration with the British Fashion Council, highlighting the e-commerce giant’s growing presence in the fashion industry. Matchesfashion’s decision to bring in an executive with extensive experience at Amazon demonstrates the company’s commitment to staying ahead in the luxury sector.

In addition to Weston, Sean Glithero has joined Matchesfashion as the new finance chief. Although Glithero does not have direct fashion experience, he has held senior finance positions at the highly successful car sales business Auto Trader Group. Glithero most recently served as the finance chief of Funding Circle.

Matchesfashion CEO Ajay Kavan stressed the expertise of the new executives in building and scaling online businesses that prioritize customer satisfaction and innovation. This indicates the company’s commitment to focusing on its online presence, despite still operating physical stores.

The changes in leadership at Matchesfashion highlight the company’s dedication to strengthening its online operations and adapting to the evolving luxury retail landscape. By bringing in executives with extensive experience at Amazon and other successful online businesses, Matchesfashion aims to maintain its competitive edge in the fashion industry and provide customers with exceptional online shopping experiences.

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