Matte Projects, a renowned creative agency known for its work in the luxury sector, has recently unveiled their latest platform, ‘Originators.’ This groundbreaking platform aims to assemble a global creative community consisting of visual artists, creative directors, photographers, filmmakers, chefs, writers, and painters. Together, they will collaborate with Matte Projects to develop cutting-edge campaigns and projects with a strong emphasis on hype, narrative, and design.

At the helm of Matte Projects are chief creative officer and partner, Matt Rowean, co-founder and managing partner, Max Pollack, founding partner, Brett Kincaid, head of talent, Francesca Valente, and creative director, Tom Lee. This esteemed team has established a solid reputation through their involvement in high-profile projects like the Donda album launch and the Yeezy X Gap collaboration. Additionally, they have successfully collaborated with luxury brands such as Givenchy, Bottega Veneta, and Cartier.

The core concept behind ‘Originators’ is to break away from the traditional agency model that marginalizes creatives behind the scenes. Matte Projects aims to bring talent to the forefront by providing an environment where originators have a direct voice with clients. This allows them to actively shape the look, feel, and purpose of projects across various mediums, ranging from digital to content to experiential.

Max Pollack, in his description of Matte Projects, refers to it as a Creative Agency 3.0. The agency goes beyond simply delivering exceptional work; it is now a platform that supports and promotes talented creators. Matte Projects is dedicated to nurturing originality and uniqueness within the industry, valuing qualities like imagination, craftsmanship, and cultural understanding.

The list of inaugural Originators curated by Matte Projects includes exceptional individuals such as DJ and producer Honey Dijon, innovative chef Flynn McGarry, designer and academic Julia Watson, and accomplished artists Benjamin Gordon and Oscar Zabala. Matte Projects has actively supported these talented originators in various ways, ranging from showcasing their work in exhibitions to producing their first fine art exhibits. The agency provides them with a platform to showcase their exceptional talent, helping them gain recognition and exposure.

Matte Projects’ influence extends beyond physical experiences as they have also ventured into the digital realm. Their co-production of the Netflix documentary, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, shed light on the disastrous island music festival. Additionally, Matte Projects is currently developing original films and series inspired by the fashion industry and Julia Watson’s monograph. This dedication to exploring new mediums and pushing creative boundaries showcases their commitment to innovation and storytelling.

As ‘Originators’ takes center stage, Matte Projects aims to revolutionize the creative agency landscape by placing talent at the forefront. They are establishing an ecosystem that fosters originality, collaboration, and continuous growth. With the merging of physical, digital, and the metaverse, Matte Projects is prepared to lead the way in innovative storytelling and design.

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