Mayhoola, the investment group controlled by the Qatari royal family that oversees luxury fashion brands Valentino, Balmain, and Pal Zileri, has pledged a generous donation of €2 million to support Italy in its battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The group intends to contribute €1 million to ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco Hospital in Milan, one of the cities hit hardest by the outbreak. This financial aid will be utilized to enhance the efficiency and safety measures of the hospital’s Intensive Care Treatment Unit (ICU). Specifically, Mayhoola plans to install negative pressure ventilation systems in the ICU to reduce the risk of infection for medical personnel and ensure the safety of all those working in intensive care.

To carry out this initiative, Mayhoola has collaborated closely with Alessandro Visconti, the General Manager of Sacco Hospital, and Dr. Emanuele Catena, who holds responsibility for the Anesthesia Department and ICU. Both Visconti and Catena expressed deep appreciation towards Mayhoola, Valentino, Balmain, and Pal Zileri for their tremendous generosity and their commitment to prioritizing the health and safety of frontline workers in this crisis.

In addition to their support for Sacco Hospital, Mayhoola will also be donating €1 million to the Protezione Civile Italiana, the primary governmental organization in Italy responsible for managing national emergencies. This contribution aims to assist the organization’s efforts across multiple regions within the country.

Mayhoola stressed the close bond it shares with the Italian population and conveyed its concerns about the situation in Milan. The company hopes that its donation will provide vital assistance to doctors and medical staff at Sacco Hospital who are battling the ongoing pandemic.

Furthermore, Mayhoola recognized the significant role played by the Protezione Civile Italiana in addressing the needs of Italian citizens across the entire country. The investment group commended the organization for its continuous efforts and expressed admiration for its ability to operate effectively in diverse regions.

With production plants and offices scattered throughout various Italian regions, Mayhoola understands the importance of supporting the country during this challenging period. By donating funds to both Sacco Hospital and the Protezione Civile Italiana, Mayhoola aims to make a meaningful impact in the fight against Covid-19 in Italy.

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