Valentino’s Chief Executive, Stefano Sasso, recently announced that Mayhoola for Investments, a Qatari investment vehicle, has become a long-term shareholder in the fashion brand. This news comes as a boost for Valentino, as Sasso believes that Mayhoola’s support and commitment will contribute to the brand’s growth and development in the long run.

During a presentation in Milan, Sasso expressed his confidence in Mayhoola, stating that he does not foresee them selling their shares in Valentino. Moreover, he also hinted at the possibility of further expansion for the group in the future, underlining the importance of closely monitoring the market and striving to achieve critical mass.

Mayhoola originally acquired Valentino back in 2012, which led to speculations about the brand being listed on Milan’s stock market. However, sources close to the matter have clarified that currently, Mayhoola does not have any plans to pursue a listing.

By securing Mayhoola’s investment, Valentino has gained stability and a strong foundation for growth. With Mayhoola’s backing as a long-term shareholder, Valentino can now focus on expanding its reach and influence within the fashion industry.

Overall, this partnership between Valentino and Mayhoola signifies a positive future for the brand, as it sets the stage for further growth and development. With Mayhoola’s support, Valentino can continue to make strides within the fashion world and solidify its position as a leading luxury brand.

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