MCM and Puma, two well-known German brands, are set to team up once again for an exciting new collaboration. This partnership is part of a three-drop series that seeks to celebrate the flashy and glamorous world of basketball. The collaboration will introduce the Puma Slipstream Lo, a basketball-inspired shoe that showcases the merging of both brands’ unique styles and expertise.

This isn’t the first time MCM and Puma have joined forces. Back in 2018, they collaborated on a special edition of Puma’s iconic Suede shoe, which turned out to be a huge success. Buoyed by the positive response from their previous collaboration, the two brands are now looking to take their partnership to even greater heights.

The new range aims to capture the charisma and excitement of basketball in every design. To effectively convey this message, the campaign will feature Mikey Williams, a rising star in the world of basketball. Williams will be the face of the collaboration’s global campaign, embodying the spirit and energy that basketball represents.

MCM’s Global Brand Officer, Dirk Schönberger, expressed his excitement regarding this collaboration. He emphasized that beyond celebrating the heritage of both MCM and Puma, this collaboration also shines a spotlight on the importance of culture and its influence on luxury brands. MCM understands the significance of topics like sports, music, and street culture in the lives of their consumers, and aims to reflect that through their designs.

The highly anticipated MCM x Puma collaboration will be launched on Thursday, with the basketball-inspired shoes priced at £395. The official release will take place at 3pm EST on the MCM webstore, providing fans and enthusiasts with an opportunity to get their hands on these exclusive designs. Collaborations have consistently proven to be a successful strategy for driving interest and generating sales in the fashion industry. Given the popularity of both brands, this collaboration is expected to create a significant buzz among fashion and basketball enthusiasts alike.

To learn more about MCM and Puma’s collaboration and explore their exciting range of designs, visit the MCM webstore and Puma’s official website .