Meller, the renowned eyewear company based in Barcelona, has concluded 2022 on a remarkable note by achieving a turnover of 11 million euros. This outstanding achievement signifies an astounding 97% growth compared to the previous year, solidifying Meller’s position as a groundbreaking brand in the industry.

One of the key elements contributing to Meller’s success is its innovative marketing strategy, which was implemented throughout 2022. The brand teamed up with ten different agencies and studios, involving over 70 talented professionals, to create a range of digital campaigns that celebrate the vibrant underground music culture. These campaigns, with their captivating slogan “It’s Out There,” resonated deeply with consumers and greatly contributed to Meller’s rapid growth.

Throughout the year, Meller’s popularity soared through exciting collaborations and partnerships. The brand joined forces with the prestigious Barcelona electronic music festival Sónar, collaborated with renowned Spanish designer Pablo Erroz for his latest catwalk show presented at MBFW, and formed a partnership with the esteemed emerging Portuguese brand Two Zero. These initiatives not only garnered widespread recognition for Meller but also attracted a larger customer base.

In addition to dominating the Spanish market, Meller has established a strong international presence. The brand is currently operating in over 35 countries, with its largest market share in the United States, where it experienced an extraordinary growth rate of 562%. Furthermore, Meller has seen significant expansion in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. In 2022, Meller further expanded its reach by venturing into international markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Israel, South Africa, Kuwait, Taiwan, Chile, and the United Arab Emirates.

Looking towards the future, Meller strives to maintain its impressive growth trajectory by continuing to forge collaborations with other brands to develop exclusive and limited-edition products. Moreover, sustainability is a key focus for Meller, as the company aims to ensure that 45% of its products are made from natural materials by the end of 2023. This commitment to sustainability will not only contribute to environmental preservation but also lead to a 30% reduction in energy consumption during the production process.

The remarkable performance of Meller in 2022 serves as a testament to its ability to adapt to evolving consumer preferences and outpace competitors. With its unique marketing approach, strong partnerships, and unwavering commitment to sustainability, Meller is well-positioned for continued success within the eyewear industry.

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