Miami Art Week 2023, a prestigious event on the global art and design calendar, promises an enthralling journey into creativity and innovation. This annual spectacle attracts artists, enthusiasts, and visionaries from across the world, converging to celebrate the fusion of art, design, and technology. Among the highlights are iconic fairs such as Art Basel, Design/Miami, and Faena Art, all set against the backdrop of the picturesque Miami Beach.

In recent years, the Miami Design District, a brainchild of collector and developer Craig Robbins, has emerged as a hub for public art, further enriching the event. In 2023, the spotlight shifts away from digital art trends like NFTs, marking a shift towards thought-provoking installations that challenge the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and celebrate the physicality of artistic expression. Journey with us as we explore the top ten captivating design installations gracing Miami Art Week 2023.

1. “MAZE: Journey Through the Algorithmic Self” by Sebastian Errazuriz

Sebastian Errazuriz leads our artistic odyssey with a monumental feat at Faena Beach. Here, an expansive, AI-generated maze sprawls along the oceanfront, inviting visitors to venture through its intricate passages. At its heart stands a monolithic sculpture, a testament to the fusion of human ingenuity and machine intelligence. But there’s more to discover—Errazuriz accompanies this immersive experience with a profound book exploring AI’s impact on contemporary art and culture, accessible via QR codes strategically placed within the maze.

2. “Gravitas” by Vincent Van Duysen

Architect Vincent Van Duysen’s collaboration with Mexican stone distributor Arca takes us on a tactile journey. Within Arca’s Wynwood showroom, a symphony of stone comes to life through 18 exquisite furniture pieces, making their debut appearance. Step outside, and you’ll be greeted by the mesmerizing stone sculptures of artist Hank Willis Thomas, extending the artistic journey beyond the showroom’s confines.

3. “House of Tilly” by Studio Snoop

Crossing the Atlantic, London-based Studio Snoop introduces the United States to their AI prodigy, Tilly Tabot. The lobby of the Standard Hotel in Miami Beach becomes a canvas for AI-generated designs, representing the evolution of Tilly3.0—a sensation that debuted at Milan’s design week earlier in the year. Dive into the creative process as artisans and fabricators bring Tabot’s vision to life, and engage in interactive discussions with this remarkable AI designer.

4. “Utopia” by Lara Bohinc

From the United Kingdom, we turn our gaze to the Design District, where Lara Bohinc has been commissioned to craft an enchanting world of cork-based artistry. Here, brightly colored, sculptural furniture pieces adorn the landscape, including ergonomic marvels and illuminated fixtures. Look up, and you’ll find hundreds of egg-shaped birdhouses suspended from the surrounding trees, adding a touch of whimsy to the urban jungle.

5. “Miami Take Over” by Andrés Reisinger

Digital art maestro Andrés Reisinger presents a groundbreaking shift from the virtual to the physical world, collaborating with the Miami Design District. Inspired by his dream-like digital creations, this installation drapes fabric over a storefront in the district, beckoning visitors to explore the boundaries between the tangible and the ethereal.

6. “Gustaf Westman x The Standard Spa”

Swedish virtuoso Gustaf Westman graces the Standard Spa in Miami Beach, transforming its cafe into a haven of design. Revel in the Scandinavian-inspired ambiance, adorned with mirrors, including the renowned Curvy Mirror. This marks the beginning of an exciting partnership between Westman and the Standard brand, where artistry meets hospitality.

7. “A Subtle Alchemy” by Dan Lam

Sculptor Dan Lam crafts a mesmerizing masterpiece showcased at Wynwood Walls. Composed of metal and styrofoam, this sculpture is more than meets the eye. Coated in automobile paint and a “chameleon” finish, it captivates viewers with a color-shifting enchantment that transforms with every glance.


British design luminary Samuel Ross graces the Miami Design District with a permanent installation. Twelve powder-coated steel benches grace public spaces, harmonizing with the Design Week’s festivities. Each bench, conceived by Ross and brought to life using cutting-edge CNC techniques, features one of three unique designs, a testament to Ross’s mastery of form and function.

9. “Alcova”

From Italy, the celebrated design platform Alcova, renowned for its Milan Design Week exhibitions, descends upon the Selina Gold Dust Motel in Miami’s north. Here, a diverse program unfolds, featuring contributions from artists, designers, material innovators, and interior visionaries. Creativity knows no bounds, with names like Caleb Ferris, Objects of Common Interest, Kostas Lambridis, and Natural Materials Studio, led by Bonnie Hvillum, recipient of Dezeen’s inaugural Bentley Lighthouse Award, gracing this artistic journey. Alcova also promises a slate of enlightening talks and events in collaboration with Dezeen.

10. “8 Minutes and 20 Seconds” by Marjan van Aubel

Solar designer Marjan van Aubel embarks on a mission to harness the power of carbon-neutral energy while paying homage to the sun’s celestial journey. Collaborating with Lexus and Random Studio, her installation features a scaled-down model of Lexus’s electric LF-ZC car, constructed with photovoltaic sheets that refract light like prisms. Integrated light and motion sensors add dynamism to the display. The title, “8 Minutes and 20 Seconds,” poetically alludes to the time it takes for the sun’s light to reach our planet.

Miami Art Week, a cornucopia of creativity, unfolds its wonders from December 6 to 19, 2023. Join us as we celebrate these extraordinary design installations, each a testament to the boundless possibilities of artistic expression.