Michael Kors is expanding his collaboration efforts in order to reach a wider audience. One of his recent collaborations is with the luxury Italian sportswear brand Ellesse, which is known for its innovative gear designed for sports like tennis and skiing. The collection, which consists of 24 pieces, features a vibrant and graphic pattern that combines the iconic logos of both brands. It was launched on MichaelKors.com earlier this week and was celebrated with a party at Bar SixtyFive in New York City, hosted by Emily Ratajkowski, who also stars in the campaign for the collaboration.

In discussing the collaboration, Kors praises Ratajkowski’s confidence and states that when you wear these pieces, it’s all about feeling confident. He believes that Ratajkowski embodies this confidence and serves as an inspiration for women to embrace their own narratives and wear what makes them feel good. Kors highlights the collaborative nature of the collection, describing the design process as a spirited tennis match, with ideas volleying back and forth and tweaks being made to incorporate both brand’s iconic elements.

Kors first came across the Italian lifestyle brand Ellesse while working at a tennis pro shop as a teenager. He was fascinated by the combination of European aesthetic and American athleticism, especially in relation to the glamorous and sexy sports of tennis and skiing in the 1970s. Kors’ personal experiences of traveling the world have also played a role in his decision to strengthen the brand’s presence in Europe, where it has gained more popularity than in Asia.

The collaboration with Ellesse also aims to target the hip-hop crowd, as the graphic logo collection aligns with their love for branded fashion. Joining Ratajkowski in the campaign is Brooklyn-based rap musician Jay Critch, bridging the gap between luxury and streetwear.

As part of the celebration for his brand’s 40th anniversary, Kors partnered with American/Jamaican design duo Ashley Cimone and Moya Annece of Ashya to create two bag styles. These bags prominently feature the MK Signature logo and showcase Kors’ excitement in shining a light on the next generation of designers working in New York City.

In addition to these collaborations, Kors has also teamed up with the 007 franchise for the release of “No Time To Die”. He designed three bag styles that will be featured in the film, including The Bond Bancroft, The Bond Carryall, and The Bond Duffle. The Bancroft style, carried by Naomie Harris’s character Moneypenny, features a special plaque that reads MKC X 007.

The collaborations with Ellesse, Ashya, and the 007 franchise demonstrate Kors’ ability to tap into different markets and audiences, attracting the attention of luxury and streetwear customers, as well as fans of the James Bond franchise. These collaborations reflect Kors’ commitment to continuous innovation and reaching new audiences, all while staying true to his brand’s DNA of jet-set glamour and sophistication.

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