Millie Bobby Brown, the multi-talented actress known for her role in the hit TV series Stranger Things, has made a significant business move by acquiring a majority stake in Florence by Mills. This clean beauty and skincare brand was specifically created to cater to the needs and desires of the Gen-Z demographic. Since its launch in 2019, Florence by Mills has already made a name for itself in the competitive beauty industry.

This major stake purchase was made possible through a deal with Beach House Group, a brand incubator that played a crucial role in the development and launch of Florence by Mills. According to a report from WWD, the Brown family now holds the majority share of the brand, while Beach House Group retains a minority share. Paula Pontes will continue to serve as the brand’s chief executive officer.

When WWD reached out to PJ Brice, the chief executive officer of Beach House Group, he expressed his enthusiasm for their partnership with Millie Bobby Brown during the initial phase of Florence by Mills. Brice also acknowledged the incredible success the brand has achieved in its first year and a half. He believes in Millie’s vision and has full confidence that she will not only transform Florence by Mills into a renowned beauty brand but also expand its reach beyond the beauty industry.

It’s worth noting that Beach House Group has a track record of successful celebrity beauty brands. Among their notable ventures are Moon Oral Care, a dental beauty brand co-created by supermodel Kendall Jenner, and Pattern Beauty, a haircare brand founded by the stylish and talented Tracee Ellis Ross.

Currently, Florence by Mills offers a wide range of vegan, paraben-free, and sulfate-free products. These products are available for purchase through the brand’s own e-commerce platform, as well as through popular retailers like Ulta and UK’s Boots.

With Millie Bobby Brown now holding the majority stake, we can expect exciting developments and growth for Florence by Mills. This move not only solidifies Millie’s position as a successful actress but also showcases her astute business acumen. It is evident that she has a knack for recognizing opportunities and bringing her creative vision to life. It will be fascinating to witness the future accomplishments of Millie and Florence by Mills.

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