We’ve just entered October and it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the annual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer.

Mina Habchi co-created with Bagarreuse Paris a 100% Cotton pink shirt for this “Pink October” month. It is made from fully recycled fabrics, and made in France 🇫🇷.

The wrist has “Amour” embroidered (ie. the french word for “love”) along with the “Pink Ribbon” (the international symbol of breast cancer awareness).

This shirt was designed by Mina Habchi and the Bagarreuse team for a cause close to our hearts this October. All profits will be donated to the Association Skin charity, which supports people affected by cancer for a lasting cure through art. Also, 10% of all purchases on Bagarreuse.com will be donated to the Association Skin charity.

As the fabrics are fully up-cycled, the number of shirts produced are limited.

You can now shop the shirt and contribute to a great cause on:

What is exactly Association Skin, and why was it chosen?
Founded in 2012 in Paris, Skin is a mediation that helps women and men affected by cancer to rebuild themselves through art and sport. Patient-artist / athlete pairs create works of art or performances, which Skin renders in prestigious places. Skin thus recreates a link, helps the person to project themselves, to surpass themselves and to reinvent themselves.
For more information, you can email: contact@associationskin.org (or @association_skin).

Why Bagarreuse?
Because the women of today inspire us with their daily battles and we want to create models, looks that are soft and poetic armor. Because we want to talk about them, show them off and dress them responsibly. We fell in love with the concept of “upcycling”. The idea of saving scraps of fabric, each more beautiful than the next, thrills us. Our battle is to set up a fashion company that makes sense, on a human scale, which is gradually inventing a better world, a more beautiful planet.
You can shop on: bagarreuse.com