Mirabaud Lifestyle Impact & Innovation fund, a part of the renowned Swiss banking group Mirabaud, has recently made strategic investments in two companies that cater to the needs and preferences of conscious consumers. The first company, Highsnobiety, is a prominent German e-commerce and media platform that primarily targets the younger demographic and revolves around street culture. With its focus on delivering the latest news and trends in high fashion, streetwear, art, and culture, Highsnobiety has established itself as a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts.

In its partnership with Highsnobiety, Mirabaud is actively involved in collaborating with the platform’s management to devise effective strategies, create compelling content, enhance brand recognition, and explore opportunities for offline experiences. This collaboration ensures that Highsnobiety maintains its strong position in the market while capitalizing on future growth prospects.

The second company that Mirabaud has invested in is Intrepid, a renowned e-commerce service provider based in Singapore. Intrepid specializes in providing tailored solutions for international brands seeking to expand their business in the thriving South-East Asian market. With its extensive expertise and network, Intrepid enables these brands to navigate the complexities of entering new markets and drive their growth.

Mirabaud’s investment played a significant role in a recent funding round, which raised an impressive $11 million for Intrepid. This partnership reflects Mirabaud’s focus on identifying and investing in companies that exhibit not only growth potential but also a strong commitment to sustainability. Mirabaud Lifestyle Impact & Innovation fund aims to support and nurture early-stage businesses and growth companies that align with its sustainability values.

Currently, the fund is finalizing two more investments, which further exemplify its dedication to fostering sustainable growth and innovation in the market.

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