ModCloth, the online retailer known for its vintage-inspired womenswear, has announced its reentry into the European market after a two-year hiatus. This decision holds significant importance as it marks the revival of a crucial revenue stream for the brand. Prior to its departure from European markets in 2018, ModCloth’s international business accounted for a notable 20% of its total revenues.

Having been established in 2002, the California-based e-commerce retailer discontinued its shipping services to Europe in May 2018 following the implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, after being acquired by Go Global Retail, a Manhattan Beach private equity firm earlier this year, ModCloth has been diligently working towards becoming GDPR compliant in order to facilitate its return to Europe.

The reintroduction of shipping services to Europe serves as a key component of Go Global’s strategy to revive ModCloth’s international presence and propel the company’s growth. ModCloth Co-CEO, Jeff Streader, expressed his enthusiasm for the brand’s future projects, highlighting that their main priority as new owners was to reconnect with consumers and foster stronger, more personalized relationships. These efforts are firmly grounded in ModCloth’s core values, which involve supporting women’s issues, promoting size inclusivity, and cultivating meaningful conversations. Streader emphasized that now that the brand has regained its independence, they can rejuvenate these aspects that were genuinely cherished by their customers.

On September 15, ModCloth officially resumed shipping to European markets, marking its highly anticipated return to the region. This development undoubtedly strengthens the brand’s global presence and contributes to its ongoing success in the rapidly evolving world of online retail. As ModCloth embarks on this new chapter, it eagerly anticipates reintroducing its beloved vintage-inspired clothing to European customers and reaffirming its position as a sought-after destination for stylish women throughout the continent.

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