Moncler, the renowned Italian luxury down jacket label, is not slowing down anytime soon. Following the success of its digital event, Mondogenius, during Milan Fashion Week and its recent entry into the fragrance market, the brand is now embarking on various exciting projects. One notable plan is the relocation of its Milan headquarters and offices to a new building.

At present, Moncler’s headquarters are spread across three different venues. However, the brand has recently signed a 15-year lease agreement with Covivio, a leading real estate group, for a new 38,000 m2 building, set to be completed by 2024. This move represents the brand’s commitment to growth and expansion.

The future headquarters will be situated in a new business district called Symbiosis, which is being developed by the Franco-Italian group, Covivio. Spanning a total area of 126,000 m2, this district will also accommodate the new Italian headquarters of LVMH in 2022 and is adjacent to the esteemed Prada Foundation. Additionally, plans are in motion to convert the nearby Olympic Village, initially constructed for the Milan/Cortina 2026 Winter Games, into offices, including spaces for Prada.

Moncler’s forthcoming headquarters will be designed with a focus on sustainability and innovation, incorporating modern and collaborative work organization solutions. Rather than a traditional office setup, the space will feature hybrid communal areas. Remo Ruffini, Moncler’s CEO, emphasizes that the pandemic has demonstrated the possibility of work happening from anywhere but underscores the importance of being together to foster energy and synergy. The objective is to create a workspace where employees can fully unleash their potential, creativity, and collaborative spirit. The company aims to offer flexible working conditions while prioritizing energy efficiency, well-being, and environmental considerations.

Ruffini’s leadership has been instrumental in the growth of Moncler, transforming it from a single product brand into an empire. Moncler stands out among luxury labels with its rejuvenated product range and innovative advertising strategies. The Genius project, which debuted in 2018, has become one of the highlights of Milan Fashion Week, featuring awe-inspiring installations. The recent Mondogenius event, hosted by Alicia Keys, garnered enormous success, attracting more than 299 million viewers worldwide across various digital platforms. Moncler has also expanded its offerings by launching its inaugural women’s and men’s perfumes and opening flagship stores in Paris and Milan.

In terms of sales, Moncler has managed to recover to pre-pandemic levels in the second quarter of 2021. With the recent acquisition of Stone Island, analysts predict a revenue of €1.95 billion and a net income of €375 million for the 2021 financial year.

Moncler’s ambitious projects and consistent growth exemplify the brand’s unwavering commitment to maintaining its position as a frontrunner in the luxury sector. With its forthcoming headquarters and innovative strategies, Moncler is poised for continued success in the ever-evolving fashion industry.

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