Moncler, the renowned Italian luxury group famous for its iconic puffer jackets, has exceeded expectations with a remarkable 25% increase in annual sales for the previous year. The company’s net profit also soared to an impressive 606.7 million euros, compared to 411.4 million euros in the previous year. This outstanding growth can be attributed to the strong performance of Moncler’s own brand as well as Stone Island.

Moncler’s consolidated revenue for the year reached 2.603 billion euros, surpassing the company’s own estimate of 2.534 billion euros. The EMEA region, including Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, witnessed the most significant sales growth, particularly in Italy, Germany, and France, where sales were up by 30% compared to the previous year.

However, Moncler encountered challenges in the Asian market due to China’s stringent lockdown measures. This led to lower sales in October and November. Fortunately, with the relaxation of restrictions in December, there was a recovery in store traffic and improved sales performance in the region.

Looking towards the future, Moncler’s Chairman and Chief Executive, Remo Ruffini, acknowledged the uncertainties posed by the macroeconomic environment. Nevertheless, he remained optimistic and highlighted the numerous opportunities available for the brand. As Moncler celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, Ruffini expressed his confidence in the company’s future success.

In recognition of its robust financial performance, Moncler has proposed an increased dividend payment of 1.12 euros per share, nearly double the amount paid in the previous year. This decision reflects the company’s unwavering belief in its continuous growth and prosperity.

It is worth noting that Moncler’s acquisition of the Stone Island sportswear brand over two years ago has proven advantageous. This is evident through the one-off tax benefit of 92.3 million euros associated with the realignment of the Stone Island brand’s tax value.

Overall, Moncler’s exceptional sales growth and financial performance in the previous year, coupled with its strategic acquisitions and expansion plans, position the company favorably for continued success in the competitive luxury fashion market.

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