Moncler Genius is set to maximize its influence in the fashion industry once again with the inclusion of three new brands for its 2020 releases. This exciting expansion will see JW Anderson, Rimowa, and Mate.Bike join forces with the Italian luxury outerwear label.

JW Anderson, renowned for its awe-inspiring high-end fashion creations, will collaborate with Moncler Genius to produce an exclusive capsule collection. Fashion enthusiasts can anticipate a grand debut of this collection during Milan Fashion Week, where the brand’s innovative and aspirational designs are sure to make a lasting impression.

Rimowa, a prominent luggage brand under the LVMH umbrella, will showcase their new travel concept entitled Reflection. This concept explores the intersection of innovative technology and connectivity, promising to revolutionize the way we travel. With Rimowa’s reputation for impeccable craftsmanship and Moncler Genius’ dedication to pushing boundaries, Reflection is expected to redefine the travel experience.

In a remarkable departure from fashion and travel, Moncler Genius has also partnered with Mate.Bike, a company specializing in electric bikes. Known for their ability to conquer extreme terrains, Mate.Bike’s electric bikes provide a progressive approach to travel. This unique collaboration between Moncler Genius and Mate.Bike aims to captivate adventure-seekers who embrace unconventional modes of transportation.

Moncler Genius is committed to continuously pushing the limits and sparking emotions in both urban and mountain environments. Since its inception in 2018, the project has garnered tremendous success for Moncler, with strong sales and an increasingly dedicated fan base.

Despite swirling rumors suggesting an acquisition by luxury conglomerate Kering, Moncler’s CEO, Remo Ruffini, firmly denies any plans for a change of ownership. This statement reinforces the brand’s commitment to maintaining its independent spirit and preserving its identity within the industry.

As Moncler Genius expands its designer portfolio and continues to captivate fashion and travel enthusiasts, it is evident that the brand’s dedication to innovation remains unwavering.

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