Monica Vinader, the British jeweller renowned for its affordable luxury jewellery, is embarking on a digital transformation journey by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its customer experience. To achieve this, the company has partnered with Constructor, an AI-powered product discovery and search platform, to create customized digital services tailored to each shopper’s preferences.

As Monica Vinader continues to expand in domestic and international markets, the implementation of AI technology is seen as a pivotal step in driving sales growth. The company aims to simplify the process of customers discovering fine jewellery that aligns with their individual style. By dynamically curating landing pages based on shoppers’ preferences, the AI technology will streamline the online search experience and save valuable time for the e-commerce team.

The collaboration with Constructor will enable Monica Vinader to leverage the platform’s solutions for search, browse, collection, and merchant controls and intelligence. Constructor’s technology harmonizes data from various channels to personalize search results and optimize key retail performance indicators, offering actionable insights for Monica Vinader’s merchandisers and business users. This empowers them to understand the impact of their decisions on the overall website performance.

In addition to its webstore, Monica Vinader also sells its products through well-known retailers like Selfridges, Liberty, John Lewis, Farfetch, and Nordstrom. The brand also operates physical stores in multiple locations across the UK, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

Kunal Damani, the COO of Monica Vinader, emphasized the importance of providing a luxury digital experience for customers. He stated, “We want to ensure that each customer can easily discover what’s most attractive and meaningful to them. Constructor allows us to do all this, while saving our merchandisers time and providing valuable insights that contribute to our strategic growth.”

By integrating AI technology into its digital offerings, Monica Vinader demonstrates its commitment to delivering a personalized and efficient experience for customers. The brand aims to solidify its position as a leader in the competitive fine jewellery industry by harnessing AI’s power to continue its successful journey.

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