Monica Vinader, the well-known demi-fine jewellery brand, has recently secured an £8 million reinvestment from Piper, a UK-based consumer brands investor. This follows Bridgepoint Development Capital’s acquisition of a majority stake in the company, as Monica Vinader aims to strengthen its position in the UK and global markets.

Piper’s initial investment in Monica Vinader took place in 2016, and since then, the brand has experienced remarkable growth. Sales have soared, nearly hitting the £100 million mark, with direct-to-consumer sales now accounting for 65% of the company’s total turnover, a significant increase from the previous 35%. The brand has also made significant strides in the US market, which now contributes over 20% of its revenue, representing a notable growth from less than 5% just a few years ago.

Piper is confident in Monica Vinader’s potential for further growth in key regions like the UK, US, and Asia-Pacific. The brand has already established itself as a leader in the affordable luxury market segment, and Piper believes there are additional opportunities for expansion.

Despite the majority stake sale to Bridgepoint, Monica Vinader will continue to be led by Monica Vinader and her sister Gabriela, who still retain a minority stake in the company. Legal adviser Pinsent Masons, who facilitated the sale, has stated that this new investment will provide Monica Vinader with the means to accelerate its growth.

This reinvestment demonstrates the faith that investors have in Monica Vinader’s future prospects. With a strong foothold in the direct-to-consumer market and the ongoing expansion of its global presence, Monica Vinader is well-positioned for continued success in the jewellery industry.

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