In recent years, German luxury brand Montblanc has undergone a significant transformation, redefining its overall strategy and expanding into new markets. Known for its exquisite writing instruments and accessories, Montblanc made headlines in 2019 with its successful collaboration with Japanese streetwear label Bape. This partnership gave CEO Nicolas Baretzki the confidence to steer Montblanc towards becoming a business luxury lifestyle brand.

One of the crucial steps in this brand evolution was the collaboration with Maison Kitsuné, which was showcased during Paris menswear fashion week. This collaboration initially focused on creating high-end headphones and eventually expanded to encompass various product categories. The resulting 12-item capsule collection flawlessly captures Montblanc’s signature style and includes leather goods, connected objects, and writing accessories.

While Montblanc has a history of collaborations, particularly in the writing instrument category, CEO Baretzki wants customers to see the brand’s entire universe and appreciate its expertise in luxury lifestyle products. This includes watches and leather goods. To support this new direction, Montblanc has undergone a transformation in its marketing communications and hired a new creative director, Marco Tomasetta. Tomasetta’s primary mission is to develop the brand’s lifestyle range and establish greater consistency between product categories. Additionally, the company has reorganized itself to avoid compartmentalization and adapt to changing customer preferences.

The target market for Montblanc has also shifted, with younger consumers showing an increasing interest in luxury products. In response, Montblanc has launched more advertising campaigns featuring well-known figures such as Spike Lee and Pierre Niney. The brand also plans to introduce collaborations throughout the year to maintain its presence and meet market expectations. Furthermore, Montblanc has reduced the time between product design and commercialization, enabling a faster response to customer demands.

Looking towards the future, Montblanc has plans to unveil a new flagship store concept in 2022. This concept will showcase the brand’s long-established expertise and embrace digitalization. CEO Baretzki intends to open new stores in key cities worldwide, beginning with a renovated flagship store on the renowned Champs Elysées in Paris.

Overall, Montblanc’s transformation from a business luxury brand to a business luxury lifestyle brand is evident in its collaborations, marketing efforts, and focus on customer preferences. By expanding its product range, enhancing its marketing communications, and creating a consistent brand identity, Montblanc is poised for success in the luxury lifestyle market.

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